Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Funkin' Gonuts~

So this morning on our way home from dropping off the munchkins at school, the Tiny one asks me (with those sad, sweet little eyes) if we can "go to the donut place?!" She was sooo dang cute, how could I say no??

Not even five minutes after our major sugar rush...she was dancing and singing all through the place, smiling and laughing...being silly, silly, SILLY. (dora the explorer, anyone?)

I'm sure it didn't help that I was letting her drink my Pepsi to wash down the sugar coated deep fried batter smothered in icing and sprinkles...but hey, she asked.


  1. Tiny is so cute. I'd definitly not be able to say no to those cute eyes.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Now that's my kind of breakfast!!

  3. You are totally whipped.

    But hey, anyone would be!

  4. My favorite part is that she is in her JO-JO'S... who wants to bet me $20 BUCKS... that MANDI is ALSO in her Jo-Jo's, sans a BRA! (anyone, anyone?)

  5. MmmMMMMmmmm dooonnuuuttssss.

    You're such a fun mom. :-)

  6. ....And to think....that little cutie patootie could be ornery! It's always the cute ones! LOL!


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