Sunday, February 04, 2007


I logged onto blogger this morning, and a page popped up that said, Welcome to the New Blogger. Enter your password to continue to your dashboard. There was no way around it--I could not believe that I was being FORCED to make the switch!

Has this happened to any body else??

And why does it now show Sleeping Mommy, Loralee and Sober Briquette as anonymous commenters? I don't get it. And why are my picture icons not with their comments? Again, I don't get it.

I am not happy. NOT happy at all.

does this mean you have to have a google account to comment now? Doesn't Loralee have the new version of blogger? Again, I just don't get it!!


  1. i don't know, but i can send you an invite for gmail if you need one. i hate hate hate the change and i hate being forced to do this. wth is righ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can tell you I have a google account but my old blogger profile is no longer connected the the website I had with blogger. I dumped the site out of paranoia and someone came along and took it over. Ugh.

    I'll go double check my profile though, it should still exist.

  3. I haven't been forced to switch yet but I know iamnorman was.....i am dreading it.

  4. OMG! The same thing happened to me!! I was forced to change!!! I'm so freaking pissed!!!

    I have another blog I keep with friends and when I posted on there, I wasn't forced to make a change.

    I don't like it AT ALL. I'm with you on this - why the forced change???

    Maybe we'll get used to it. I guess we have no choice though, eh?

  5. Hm, for me it must just be a matter of time, lol. So far no changes here, but my MY, I know it's coming. :(

  6. Anonymous12:20 PM

    When you "switched" and signed on, that created your google account. At least, that's how it worked for me. As a result, I lost my blogger account. But I did that when it was still beta, and subsequent changes have gone through, apparently. I'm at their mercy, though...I don't have the time to figure things out or shop around.

  7. ha ha ha, welcome to the darkside.

  8. I've been putting it off too! I guess it's inevitable:0(

  9. wait... you mean to tell me you didn't know that blogger was run by the government?

  10. Apparently... I don't blog enough. I have no clue what the difference is. In fact. I think I may like some of the new things BETTER.

    I'm DUMB!

  11. UG! I was forced into it as well, darn it!!!

    I am still not totally clear on the google account, but I DO know that I now have to use my gmail account to log in and it sucks because the password is hella long.

    I have people still able to comment with their old accounts BUT!!!! There are times that it won't let you comment. THAT is when you have to use the google account.

    It switched all my old comments from people still on old blogger to anon. as well. I hate it. As for the profile photos, I think that they are showing up for people in the new blogger and not the old, but I'm not sure.

    It is inconsistent and it sucks, but that is all I have figured out so far.

    I DO love the instant publish, the number of comments shown when you are managing your posts and that I get comment notifications on ONE email now, but still...


  12. I KNOW! I wasn't happy either. Glad I wasn't the only one. I held off as long as I could!

  13. YES!!!! I don't understand the anonymous problem either!


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