Wednesday, February 14, 2007

BEAUTIFUL and POETIC: (not my writing style but this will have to do)

I walked my damn dog outside in the frigid cold and wind today (shaddup Iowa, Ohio, and Utah--to me it was FREEZING, as in the kind of frigid cold where you begin to question the amount of heat available in this world and truly wonder if it will ever be enough).
Anyway, she has been on a potty strike as of late, probably due to the fact that I threaten to shove my foot up her ass every time she refuses to poop because it's "just not the right spot"
--but that's beside the point.

Today we were walking all over the neighborhood when I saw SNOW. -granted it was more like dust specks floating around in a poorly lit room but it was beautiful to me- There was snow flying around me--and I was speechless. (I haven't seen snow since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and even that wasn't much at the time.) I was in awe of what I was seeing.

I was even more shocked by my reaction to seeing the snow...I was all warm and fuzzy inside; I would have cried but my nose was already burning from the cold--I had to hold back the tears. I never knew I missed it so much.



  1. My dog always takes her sweet time to potty when it's cold makes me so mad!!

    Glad some snow could make you happy...

  2. When I got back for the gym today... I was all sweaty... I walked DOWN THE DRIVEWAY... to pick up my stupid garbage can out of the road (because there is NO ROOM for in on the curb... with all that BEAUTIFUL snow that you are describing) So... That... was an HOUR ago. I'm STILL COLD!

    NOW YOU... SHUT UP and stop bitching about the cold. YOU KNOW... how COLD it gets here!

    SHUT UP... about the FRIGID WEATHER. I'll show you FRIGID!

    And... I love you. Happy Valentines Day!!!

  3. at least SOMEONE is having a good Valentine's Day! Things only have gotten worse. Can't wait to tell you the lastest update.

  4. Happy Valentines Day.

    It's weird to think that people don't see snow when it's Winter. I'll mail you some when we have our spring snowstorm... Think FedEx will deliver snow?

  5. I hate snow. Because I hate the cold. And because it means that the kids won't have school. And because that means I will be cleaning snow out of the house when they bring it inside. And I hate cleaning. Almost as much as I hate the cold.

  6. I love snow, but truly? It can melt on New Years Day, thanks.

    Happy V.

  7. Aaaaw....

    We are getting snow right now. One of Ben's nurses this morning was from your town and she said she is loving it because you all only get it about once every ten years and it melts right away.

    Well not this year, eh!

  8. We have snow on the ground right now. My dog will not PEE or POOP on it! So I bring her inside and she PEE'S and POOPS on our kitchen floor. Be glad there is still grass where you are.

    But I really am happy you got to see snow! I prayed for the snow we got. Now I'm ready for spring:0)

  9. Oh my GAWD!! That sounds horrific, but I have to say I did laugh at the green bile shooting out your nose, lol!

    I recall that happening to me. I stromed into the bathroom and did know whether to put my head in the bowl or put my ass on it. It was ridiculous. I wasn't dating my husband long at the time. So when I went screaming out of bed and into to bathroom that sounded like the hippo tank at the zoo, it wasn't pretty. But HELL, I let it fly and thought, "if he's still here when I'm done, it was meant to be!" :):)

    Hope you're feeling better! And all things considered, you look GREAT!


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