Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Homeowners ASSociations

I am NOT a fan of organizations such as these...ones who tell me what color I can and cannot paint my house, ones who tell me what color is required of my mailbox, ones who tell me what is allowed to be visible from the front of my house and what is not...

--why then do I not have to get approval for my window treatments? (You never know, Fusia may become the new slate gray, I'm just sayin...) OH, because that is on the INSIDE of my house, you say?...HMMM...then why do you get to tell me what I can and cannot put on the INSIDE of my garage?!

I hate little discrepencies like these, and the only people making the "official decisions" on these matters are my neighbors--retired marines who have been doing the same thing, making the same decisions for generations--and other neighbors who are too chickenshit to stand up for what they really want!

Hence, you are now looking at a member of the board of directors! That's right. I was voted in last night, and I jumped right in! You should have heard the heated debates that were taking place--it was awesome! And GET THIS!!--I was NOT the one fueling the fires...they were already lit. As secretary, it was merely my job to keep our meeting on task and take notes; however I do get a vote and that's all I want.





  1. Wow look at you getting all involved and stuff.

    Damn the man, save the Empire.

  2. I seriously think that between this and the previous post I am going to start calling you Little Miss Kick Ass. Sorry for the swearing, but I think this is cool

    Voting is power. (Sometimes). ;)

    I loathe homeowners associations. They CAN be very helpful if they only have general rules to protect property, but ones that get their knickers in a twist over everything give me ulcers.

    I have been to meetings like that when I was PTA President. They suck.

  3. SO. can you tell the old retired marines that they need to take the BUMPER STICKERS off of their cars... because they LOOK TACKEY AS HELL???

    Horray. One point for the team!

    I can see it now. They will LOVE the fire's that you fuel! Wish I could be a fly on the wall!

  4. Little Miss ... changing the world one HOA at a time.

    Damn them all!

  5. Taking the new neighborhood by storm. I'm impressed!!! Little Miss Kiss Ass indeed!!

  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    This is great news.

    Do not underestimate how gross window treatments can be. I pass a home with all different, vibrantly colored (including, yes, fuschia) miniblinds in each window. Now that is TACKY.

  7. EXACTLY my point, SB! They can't tell me not to put Fusia curtains in my windows (not that I'd want to, I'm just sayin...)

    but they can tell me what I can and cannot keep behind my garage doors?! And at ZERO visibility to the rest of the neighborhood?!

  8. Your blog is so pretty! Now I will go read yout post. LOL

  9. HA. I just noticed the ASS... in ASSociation.

    You sly devil you!

  10. Good for you for doing something about it. I always bitch about my HOA. I got letters when we first got our dog because she was all of 5 lbs and wasn't on a leash. She was like 6 weeks old in OUR yard not on a leash. WTF? People seriously don't have anything better to do. See, now you can make a difference in yours. You make me damn proud Little MISSY!

  11. You go Little Miss, Husband and I got royally screwed by one our homeowner a few years ago and I am still B*I*T*T*E*R about it. I think I always will be! So you take your bad self in there and straighten those 'ol Marines out!


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