Monday, February 19, 2007

Battle Sites and an All Out WAR

I guess you could say my bathroom hiatus was not due to food poisoning (see previous post). It was, in fact, caused by a stomach virus. How do I know? Gee, why don't you ask my husband? Or my oldest daughter? And while you're at it, pray to the good Lord above that the younger ones won't have to answer that question!!

It has been World War III around here. The husband has been quarantined to our room, losing his own battles. And while I take care of Sweetie, all night long*, my stomach threatens to oblige. The poor little girl is such a trooper when it comes to being sick. She never complains, just surrenders herself to the illness and allows it to take hold without ever once flinching. (And it's heartbreaking for me to watch; besides, I am the world's biggest baby when it comes to throwing up--with three pregnancies, there are plenty who will back me up on this one!)

I must say...having the family sick causes me to go on a cleaning/sterilizing/disinfecting rampage, my skin is cracked and dry from all the scrubbing and chemicals and laundry, BUT my house is clean...which is such a nice feeling, especially in the midst of the arching puke battle sites left on the bathroom walls and the splattered toilet bowls...

*why must these things always happen at night? it's bad enough that our freedom from the bathroom is being taken away, but to hijack our sleep as well is simply below the belt--

UPDATE-- Tuesday morning

I didn't even have time to publish this post before my son got sick. I cannot express how pissed off I am. He cannot handle being dirty or sticky or wet; it freaks him out. And he's not potty trained, so I'm waiting for THAT bomb to hit. What sucks is that just yesterday he had such an amazing day...ending in him being dry for over 2 hours and going pee pee in the potty like a big boy!! (He was in underwear all day, we went through 8 changes of clothes--you don't understand, for him to stay dry is HUGE!). He was learning. He was finally catching on--then he went to sleep and BLAM, he had to get sick. He wouldn't throw up in a bucket or the sink, so we had to let him do it on the floor then simply clean it up. I lost count after 9 times...

I haven't had any sleep. I'm beginning to feel like a resident; working your ass off practically free of charge while being sleep deprived and hungry and absolutely NO TIME for yourself. I don't even know who I am right now.

My house is clean though, I guess that's a bonus.


  1. reading this post made MY stomach hurt.

    this isn't contagious over the internet is it?

  2. Seriously! You need to quarentine each family member to one side of the house. Block it off with plastic and duct tape.

    Sorry your dealing with all the sickys.

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Your poor family! You sound like supermom. I hope it's all over VERY soon!

  4. YIPPEEE. A clean house. I love it when I have an excuse. The real question is... can you smell VOMIT... everywhere you turn. I swear I get that smell. BURNED INTO MY NOSE!!!

  5. Hey there. I hope your family recovers soon! Being sick is no fun, and I would know!!! Feel Better!!!

  6. Oh My WORD!! You poor thing. And why that crap always happens at night, I have no idea.....BUT I hate it.

    I'm proud of you little guy for being dry for so long and using the potty, YAY! But 8 changes of clothes, GAWD that is insane.

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Take good care!

  7. My hell. Your house has been so vomitous this year! Your poor family!

  8. I am so sorry...I can't imagine. Mine have been old enough to almost manage their throw-ups for several years now, so it does, really, get better.
    When we gave ipecac to toddlers in the ER when I was a resident (you know, when the ate grandma's pills or something) we tied a big black Hefty bag around their necks to puke in. Never had the guts to do it with my own, but I sure wanted to a time or two!
    Sending you good thoughts....


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