Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thinking back to 09/20/2005

Who's Idea Was This? (found this in my archives and LMAO!!)

Who's brilliant idea was it to take three hungry, cranky, and tired munchkins to a picnic outside in 101 degree weather?! Need I remind her that we're in Louisiana?! STEP OUTSIDE and into the Bayou Sauna,

Also, to the girl working the fast food gig...I know you're busy, and that you just want to get a head start on my order. However, when it's a 5-10 minute wait at the drive-thru, please don't make my frosty the second I order it. A melted frosty is useless to me...ESPECIALLY in already hundred degree weather!!

If you see either of these people, please smack 'em. And then bring me a new pair of clothes, right down to my underwear, and bathe my kids because it's HOT, it's STICKY, and now I have a headache.


* I totally remember this post! And I have to say, I am completely OK with my now 67 degree weather, thank you very much! (sorry Bayou, I love you, but I'd rather just miss you!)


  1. My sister is down in the bayou area for the next 2 weeks. I can have her send you some good ole 'hot and sticky' if you miss it too much! LOL!

  2. so was that a draft you never posted? It is nice to have the seasons though. That's one thing I'd really miss if I ever left Utah.

  3. I'm scared of what I KNOW IS IN STORE. Winter in Iowa is SO SHITTY. It's long, colder than the coldest day you can EVER IMAGINE. and it just sucks. But, I'd take it over hot and sticky. at least you can bundle up and drink hot chocolate... MMM... hot chocolate.

  4. I think it's funny you crack yourself up - I do the same thing sometimes when I read old posts.

    You're welcome to attend a wedding in hot, sticky San Antonio if you really miss that kind of weather.

  5. it's a balmy 8o degrees with 30% humidity today, thank you very much.


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