Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's Like Dating

I have to say that making new friends is like dating. Whether it's at church, your kids' PTA meetings, or the YMCA--you scope out the prospects just like you would some new fling. Is she a hip chic? or is she too rigid with her kids? does she have bratty kids that I wouldn't want my kids to emulate? does she look like a fun mom? would her husband mesh well with mine?

So you muster up the courage to say hi, chat for a bit, then if you're lucky, you leave with a phone number or an e-mail address. Am I right?

Then comes the awkward first date. You feel guilty for never calling and have to go through the whole, "remember me?" speech--b.s. for a few minutes, then set a day to get together (with the kids of course because they always take pressure off certain situations)...and then you hang up the phone wondering if you were too forward.

Tomorrow is the first date with a new friend I haven't even met yet. It's true. (hence the dating rant.) Her husband was doing some contract work on our house, and before he left he gave me his wife's name and number. Judging from his personality, she must be pretty cool. So we'll see. But because I was the one to call, I feel like it's "my date." What if she hates the play place? What if she hears my kid scream and decides she doesn't like me? Then again, what if we totally hit it off and become BFF? (correction, "favorite friends"--barefoot).

do you think I should buy her flowers?
; )


  1. Now that is funny!

    I have never thought of it like that.

    Good luck on your first date! You should have made it a double with the husbands! LOL!

  2. Seriously so true!

    I'm glad that when I moved I happened to know someone in our new neighborhood. It broke the ice a lot and made it easier to meet new people.

    Good luck with your first date. How can she not love you! Your so likeable.

  3. Oooh, the first date! BSC and I had to do that with several couples here before we found good friends to hang out with. For some reason there were a few couples who didn't find BSC very funny ... I'll just say that Utah was the only place they had EVER lived. We'll get into that subject later.

  4. HA. You're cute. You might be TOO TALL for her though. Don't wear your heals.

    OH, and remember who you are and what you stand for! (Sorry, that was for my dad! I had to do it!)

  5. Oh BOY! It wasn't too long ago I was in your shoes.....Forget the the flowers and go with your gut. It's always worked for me.

    Ugh..I don't envy you. I would love it if you were my neighbor. :):)

  6. That is so true! First time I ever thought about it. At least with her you don't have to worry about the kiss at the end of the date. That is unless your into that kind of stuff! Which you don't strike me as the type.;0)

  7. Oh, it makes my stomach knot up just thinking about it--but then I'm socially-challenged (and then some) so don't pay any attention to me. Who wouldn't love you?

  8. Yes, it's exactly like that. Don't forget to call her the next day. Don't be afraid of being needy. :)

  9. Ha, I've had a couple mom-dates. Totally like dating but I never even got to first base ;)

  10. It is SO like a date. I hate it. It's so awkward.


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