Thursday, December 29, 2005

First Things First

Yes, it's true...I am still in New Mexico. However, I can't post what I really want to post due to extenuating circumstances. So, first things first.

My blog is for shits and giggles. Got that?! I write to play online and escape reality for a while. I enjoy reading others' blogs and I hope others' enjoy reading mine. I would prefer that if you have issues with someone, go directly to them via e-mail. Don't use my blog as a sound board for your frustrations.

Second of all, my blog is for shits and giggles. Oh, did I already mention that one? Well, then let me rephrase...I like to laugh. I like to shit. I like to laugh about my shit. You don't? Ok, then please click "next blog" and move on. You're welcome to stay and play as long as you like, but please, play nice.

Thanks and have a GREAT day.


  1. I concur (sp?) and people who take offense by blogs... (I stick my tounge out at you!)

    -- maybe you should put that under your title --

  2. ahhh.....

    i wouldn't worry about those people. they're obviously shut ins who could probably recite the TV guide end to end. harrassing people in blogland is the only way they break up their day.

    they also have small boobs and penises. (hopefully not at the same time).

    sad... but true.

  3. Oh F those people.. I love your blog.

    hey - my word verification had "isuk" in it!! pftz!!

  4. It's called the FIRST AMMENDMENT of the Constitution of the United States of America. Freedom of speech people, freedom of speech. If you don't like what you're reading on someone else's blog, don't waste your energy trying to change it by insulting them.

    Have you ever noticed how so many offensive comments are left annonymously? Cowards.

  5. what a loser...oh...not you mandi...the comment guy


    (I'm done. If I go on it might not be pretty!)

    Love you little miss... have fun in NM. I KNOW YOU ARE!

    Can't we all just get along?

  7. gee..i wonder made prompted this outburst?? now i`m going to go and read the comments on your previous post ;)

    happy new year to you and your family LM!!

  8. OK. I don't know what was said but screw them, your blog it great. And, I like you laugh at your shit too, lol!

    Man, you have that 17 hour ride again, ugh! Please, I beg you, stop over night somewhere, anywhere, just stop. LOL

  9. Hope you get home safe! And had a good time :-) It's always nice to be home.

  10. Good post, Erika. I just read your goodbye, and I agree 100%.

    I will not be addressing this issue on my blog again, and I hope we can all move on.

    ...and yes, it will be good to get home!

  11. Thanks for all you support Little Miss, you rock! And I will happily return the damn dogg to my yard, as Murph has been sulking ever since she left. As Masked Mom put it, he just needs his doggie love too. See ya soon. . .

  12. i look at it this way, if yall don't like what I have to say don't read it. if yall don't like comments others say don't read em. lol I'm just quirky that way. Love the shits and giggles description though.

  13. Okay People listen up... there are some rules in BLOGLAND - comparable to what you learned in Kindergarten.....

    1. Be Nice to others
    2. If you can't say something nice - then don't say it at all.

    And the most wonderful thing about the net - you don't like what is being said - hit that little button in the corner - NEXT BLOG...

    Why is that so hard to comprehend?

    Little Miss I like your blog, may not comment everyday - but I like it - and hope you stick around!

  14. I can't beleive something BIG happened and I missed it! WAAAHH! I am sad. Darn kids, why do they need so much attention?

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  17. I only lurk, but I like what you have to say. People are shit heads and they can screw themselves. Keep up the shits and giggles, it gets me thru the day!!!!


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