Friday, December 09, 2005

Scroll down!

Sorry, for some reason blogger has removed the time and date stamp from the editing bar, so when I publish one of my drafts, it automatically loads in chronological order.

damn them.

So for my most recent post, please scroll down to "Oh Christmas Tree".
; )


  1. k, bevis, I moved your xmas post, have only to click on "post and comment options" in the bottom left hand corner to set the time and date

  2. Oh, I just thought that was some veiled attempt at an excuse for having gone 3 whole days between posts. Really, you should keep your site a little more current...

  3. griswold's that!

  4. hello, it's Monday afternoon. Time for a new post already.

  5. What's going on? This does not help me to be.. COVERT!!!


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