Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hello! And welcome to Life according to Little Miss! I feel refreshed! I feel pleased with my new move, but I think we need to redecorate. Maybe change the colors, spice up the fonts a bit. Rearrange the pictures. Any suggestions?! We need a housewarming party! Lots of balloons, ribbons, and streamers! Oh, and do NOT forget the Coke Zero and plain Hershey bars!!

Well, while all of you are pondering how to rejuvenate my blog, I'll leave you with some of the most useless facts about my life.

1. I have to leave the water running when I brush my teeth.
2. I have to brush my teeth immediately following my shower (no matter what time of day that is!)
3. I cannot survive without Q-tips.
4. I have a set routine in the shower, and if that gets messed up, I'm liable to forget a shaving or scrubbing my face.
5. I always have to dry off my feet first because I don't want to get water on the floor. (I have my mom to thank for that obsessive compulsive behavior!)
6. I have to check my e-mail before checking my blog.
7. I prefer to live out of pajamas and flipflops.
8. I don't watch rated R movies, though asking any more of me would simply be too much.
9. I bite my nails.
10. I have to check the caller ID before answering the phone.
11. I cannot live without my cell phone. I feel empty without it.
12. My husband makes the best guacamole.
13. I only eat sunflower seeds one at a time.
14. My accent comes back when I talk to someone from Oklahoma.
15. I have no jeans that look good on me.
16. When I buy a new purse, I simply stop using the old one (leaving everything behind).
17. Shopping always puts me in a good mood.
18. I have a natural talent for making anything sound dirty.
19. I can sense when my husband is fidgeting from another room and put an end to it.
20. I rinse the sink every time I wash my hands.

Ok, so my list continues to grow. I am entitled to add to it at any given point and repost this message. Hope you like streamers! (err, stream of consciousness!)



  1. happy new year!!! i have a new blog...i'll email you the link!!

  2. yea, I know all about your little purse problem ALL TO WELL!

  3. my day is messed up when i don't have my regular q-tip ear cleaning after my shower. i can't form complete sentences, i run red lights, i don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ass.

  4. Happy New Year! I love those facts, I am so with you on #'s: 2,3,5,7,10 and 13. Very much so on #7.

  5. Here's a site that has a few templates.. I am always looking for something new...

  6. ooh.. I forgot this one too.. just a few..

  7. i forgot to email it...

  8. Happy New Year 3 days late. ;)

    I think a new design always sounds like fun, but i have no suggestions. i'm barely existing with my limited access to the internet in Safe Mode until we can get whatever is causing the problem fixed. I hope it's soon. My blog stalking has had a serious damper put on it and now I'm playing play station WAY too much.

  9. Happy New Year...late! Right there with you on so many!!! I think Q-tips are one of the best inventions ever, they are perfect for rooting boogers out of Sydney's nose, she has damn many of them!

  10. If you need any help thinking of a FEW more of your little QUIRKS... I would be glad to help!

    Love you. Jess

  11. Glad your back in the blogging world.

    I'll have to think of the redecorationg.

    I love lists!

  12. Welcome back and Happy New Year. And, I swear THAT is the very last time I'm saying that to ANYONE, lol.

    Love the list. I too ALWAYS check the ID before answering the phone with no exceptions, and I have to have my cell phone with me at all times, lol. Although I brush me teeth IN the shower and always after I eat. I'm a freak about brushing!

  13. When you said you are liable to forget a step like "shaving or scrubbing your face" - we will all assume you meant shaving your legs and scrubbing your face, not shaving your face...heh heh.

  14. um, yes, shaving my LEGS... LMAO

    and Ms. tell me about my quirks!

    ; )

  15. Happy new year! I have quarky things too...i'd have to think of them though, because I'm practicaly perfect ;-) haha.

  16. If I had to list all my quirks and OCDness, I think I'd take up way too much of everyone's time. I always dry my feet off first when I get out of the shower. I can't handle standing on a wet bathmat.

    As far as I'm concerned, Q-Tips are one of the best invetions ever made, right behind cute shoes and the dishwashing sponge that dispenses its own soap.

  17. I hate to scare you but with some of your quirks, I think we might be secretly separated at birth! LOL!

  18. Glad to be here! Hope you are having a great new year!


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