Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree... (click for pics)

We picked out our first family christmas tree last night!

i know, i know...we haven't had a real tree in the seven years we've been married, shut up...we're trying to make ammends! besides, do you have any idea the sacrifice involved?! it was 47 degrees outside! (the coldest it's been all year!) look at us...we don't even have coats!

So, the tree to my right is the one I picked out. The one we actually bought was half that price. (This just demonstrates my talent...I can walk into any store and set my heart on the most expensive item without even checking the price!)

The evening was not without incident, however. Sweetie was so excited to get to our new tree, that she forgot to look down. Two seconds later, it was all over but the screamin'.

So we paid for the tree, apologized for the chaos, loaded up the kids, (Griswolds' style), and headed home. My husband and I put up the tree and lights while the kids slept. It was so cute to see their eyes light up the next morning. Sweetie even described it as "magic." If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will.


  1. how cute! and how much fun for you to have a real christmas tree! this is the first year we haven't had a real tree... i got so sick of the hassle that i just went out and bought a pre-lit tree and called it good. the only thing i miss now is the smell of the pine.

  2. So sweet....

    I grew up with real trees and switched to fake when it was my turn to put them up in my own house. Ever since I've been with my husband, though, we've had real ones. We are now officially considering a fake one.


    Woo Hoo... you finally have a tree! I am smiling SO BIG right now!

    Next year, if you decide that a REAL tree isn't worth THE SMELL... get a CANDLE. That is what we have burning right now... since Jaren is ALERGIC to real tree's (really... who is alergic?) Anyway... less mess, same YUMMY smell!

    Horray for a tree in your house at Christmas time.

  4. LOVE the photo of the screamin... funny since Daddy is laughing his head off. LOL.

    ... and yes, Christmas is magical when you are young. Those sparkling lights... ahhhh, the memories of it will stay with her forever.

  5. Hey - no fair bragging about how warm it is there - 47 degrees - it hasn't been above 30 since before Thanksgiving...brrr

    The tree looks great - of course christmas is magical - and you wouldn't want it any other way.


  7. That sounds like fun! What a sweet family!

  8. 47!!! dang... i'm so jealous... i LOVE the winter, but i've been cold for a month!

    noice tree.

  9. Love the trees and the pictures! We only have a fake tree and I only put up half of the the tree so it would fit better in the corner. Fake or not Abbie loves it, just another place for him to hide.

  10. I luff your tree. It's very pretty. Some trees (like ours) look a little special ed.

    Your daughter looks JUST like you! Adorable!


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