Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Show some love

Social Work is a tough field. Though that career path has crossed my mind in the past, I was always told I didn't have the heart for it. I get too involved; I'm too sensitive. (C'mon people, I cry when Peter comes home from the army in that stupid Foldger's commercial!) They told me I had to be harsh; I had to be tough skinned. That's why Barefoot is the national board certified counselor and I am not.

All this just goes to show you that even cold-hearted bitches* can break.

So please, stop right now and go show Barefoot some love. Send her LOTS of diet dr. pepper and york peppermint patties.

(*you know I love you!)


  1. Oh wow! Thanks Mandi, now I feel all warm and fuzzy and loved.

  2. I'm going to do just that! :0)

  3. You are a GOOD friend. If I was going through this... i would want you down the street too. But, NO you live MILLIONS of miles away. I'm glad you are there to help Erika... she is very lucky to have a friend like you.

  4. Here is my email address kellip@comcast.net :0) XOXOXO

  5. kelli...don't you know mandi is super woman!!! that's why we love her!!

  6. social workers have to have very tough skin... It's a thankless job... I could never do it.


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