Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This is More for Me Than for You

My to do list for the morning: (all before 1 p.m.)

1. bathe the pee-soaked baby
2. take the baby out of the poop-infested bathtub
3. put the baby in the other bathtub to wash off
4. remove the baby from the second poop-infested bathtub
5. wash the baby in the kitchen sink
6. clean up the little turds left in both bathtubs
7. wash all sheets and silkies (*for those of you not familiar with the silky--aka "bank-el-et", aka "blankeh!", aka "sarah" and "shishi"--it is the silk blankets my children are attached to more than life itself!)
8. snatch silkies from crying children as they watch in horror what is about to become of them
9. try to distract three munchkins from screaming in anguish for their silkies
10. take all three to the doctor because Tiny has another sinus infection
11. pay $60 for a bottle of antibiotics that must be forced down Tiny's throat twice a day for TWENTY DAYS, then wait in Target for over an hour for the damn prescription to be filled
12. put three cranky, miserable little children down for a much needed (much deserved) nap
13. drink a Pepsi...a LARGE fountain caffeinated Pepsi, relax, and breathe...

*all munchkins are safely in their beds, all munchkins and their silkies are accounted for and doing well. thanks for asking.


  1. You know, as I went to Subway today for a Diet Dr. Pepper, I thought to myself how was Little Miss doing with no caffiene. I'm so glad you had some becaus I did and the world seems right again.
    Man your baby poops alot!!!! LOL

  2. so what you're saying is, it was a lite morning?

  3. WOW!!! Sounds like a rough morning. Glad you made it through. I think a little pint-sized tornado hit every room of my house, just after I cleaned it all. And he is already waking from his nap.

  4. good grief. kids poop?

  5. WOW! That was quite a morning. Yes, relax and breathe...fountain sodas are the best.

  6. Oh...

    I'm sorry.

    But I have coffee for you this morning! Here... you need it as much as I do!

  7. Hey, caffine and hot chocolate at my house this am? Sounds like you really need it after your last couple of days.

  8. You are too cool!

    Nytro~Please don't ever have kids! LOL! (I still throw up when my kid poops even though it is in the toilet and she is 5! You still have to wipe them to keep the crusties off their panties! UGH! I just threw up! LOL)

  9. she pooped in both bathtubs... um gross. Drink a Diet Dr. Pepper and talk to me, I'll keep your mind off the kids... lol.

  10. Have a double shot of caffiene after a day like that, you deserve it!! Hell after that I think I would have downed a bottle of wine just to make it to the next hour with some sanity!!!

    I so feel your pain about poop in the tub. Thankfully mine only was once not twice!!!

  11. SORRY. I hate hearing about days like that! (TWO POOPIES, TWO TUBS?)

    Better luck today!

  12. poop....lots of poop...

    i tagged you

    My New Blog!

  13. remind me never to take a bath at your house.

  14. Maybe this day was the cause of the migraine?

  15. Thank goodness.. stats helped me find this freaking blog!!!


  16. Know how you feel, you well deserved that Pepsi!!


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