Sunday, October 30, 2005

Who in the HELL came up with THIS??

Alright. Bitchfest.

Daylight Savings Time

Okay, whoever came up with this feh-reakin' idea never had kids! It now gets dark at 5pm, my kids are used to being in bed by 7:30p.m., meaning they now have to endure 2 1/2 hours of darkness before even being placed into their beds.
Bedtime shows (aka Disney flicks) do not last for 2 1/2 hours, which is our usual before bedtime routine. You wouldn't think a single hour would make such a huge difference. Let me elaborate.

The sun rises sometime between 6 and 7 a.m., thus waking my children ("mommy, mommy, it's time to get up! the sun is up!") at the butt-crack of dawn. NOW, you have taken yet another hour away from my half-assed slumber as the sun rises between 5 and 6 a.m., thus waking my children at the ass crack of dawn. I am pissed. [But not nearly as pissed as I will be tomorrow morning. If you want to cheer me up, send a Coke Zero and a plain Hershey Bar my direction. Otherwise, stay away!!]

I'm not even through bitching yet. You see, it will take several weeks for my children to adapt to the time change, and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the process. And you want to know the best part?? We get to do it all over again in 6 months!

Like I said, Who IN THE HELL came up with this idea??
* May you rot in hell with NO SLEEP, the voices of screaming children saying they're hungry and for you to get out of bed, not to mention the dog peeing on your floors because she's used to being let outside w/in an hour of the sun coming up, and may it turn dark two hours earlier and the sun rise two hours earlier (and then switch every other week) for an ETERNITY due to the pain and torture inflicted upon the rest of us year after year (6th month after 6th month).

Bitchfest over? Not quite yet. SO SIT DOWN!

Why does Daylight Savings Time have to fall on Sunday? It's always on a Sunday! Not only is it on the sabbath, but it's on a day that my youngest is sick and cranky, AND we have to go to church from 1-4p.m., hence, NO NAP! (and all three of our kids thrive on naptimes!!) I had to teach today, as did my husband, then he had meetings all night long! So I was solo with three rotten children, hungry, cranky, tired as hell...

Whoever you are, you suck. Big Time.


edit Sunday night, 11 p.m.

ABC, you have done it to me once again. I could strangle you! You gave us a rerun of Desperate Housewives. Fine. I can deal with that. Grey's Anatomy is a new episode. I'll be fine.

No? Oh, I'm sorry, but did you just say I won't be fine?? Why is that? Did the tears streaming down my face and the puffy eyes give me away?? HUH?! Did it? You lousy excuse for a television station. Now I'm going to wake up in the morning TWO HOURS EARLY AND I'll feel as though I have a massive hangover.

(At least I should enjoy some alcohol first! Aw, shit, I don't drink.)

That's it. Today is officially fired. That's right , you heard me. FIRED! October 30th, 2005 no longer exists.


  1. Amen, sister, amen. Oh, and be glad you don't drink. Really, it only makes things soooo much worse. Trust me.

    Grey's Anatomy was good. Dang. At least I Tivo'd it. Thanks for the hankie warning.

  2. lol... sounds like the time for you to start drinking coffee. do what my parents did when we were growing up: Bugs Bunny and the Smurfs 24-7? Why not?

    i don't watch grey's anatomy... apparently, I should.

  3. Wow. You fired an entire day. I must say, that's impressive. I thought only Belle could wield such power. Someone better get that woman a Coke Zero and a Hershey Bar quick before we lose the entire week and I don't get paid!

  4. OK, coke and candy are on the way....just hand on.

    I'm with you on the WHY? It's the worse thing and especially for the little ones. Mine are getting a little older but still, my son was sitting on the edge of the bed at 545a saying "come on Mommy, I'm ready to go to school!" ugh. I said get OUT and I'll see you in thirty minutes, lol!


  5. I disagree with you on the daylight saving time. But like you said I don't have kids. I can only get up when the sun is out so the past month has been killing me. So I for one am happy with daylight saving time.

    And Damn that Grey's Anatomy. I'll have to block that hour out of my life or else I'll cry more and haven't I cried enough this week?

  6. Move to Arizona, they don't do the time change thing.

  7. DST sucked for us too. Ashton was up at 5am this morning - wide awake!

  8. Yep, Grey's Anatomy totally slapped my emotions around last night. The tears would not stop streaming down my face. Why did they have to let her die!?!?! Ugh, am I pathetic for having more emotions over a TV show than in real life?

  9. Ugh hope you recovered ok by now??

    And yeah, WTF about Desperate Housewives!

  10. ROFL.. Very well said. And AMEN, SING IT. Damn straight. We're all effed up here thanks to daylight savings.

    And I really need to get into grays annatomy. I think you're the third person to say something about it. Never saw it. Hrm. Looks like I can get sucked into a new show!

  11. Also, apparently Daylight Savings messed up my ability to spell. Sorry 'bout that...

  12. i didn't have a problem with the daylight savings until i looked at the clock at work today and it was 4:00. last week i could have left!

  13. it was george Dubya's idea to make DST earlier. He is a very SMART man so you better listen to him!


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