Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Uh OH!!

As you can was time for a change. Subsequently I lost all my links and any extra musings I've acquired over the years! So I will spend the next several days trying to find each and every one of you...but if you feel the need to help me out-- PLEASE leave a comment with your info!

Thanks, you're a real peach!


  1. I used to copy and paste all of the information from my old template into a notepad so I could retrieve it if I needed to. It really sucks when this happens. You have my sympathy!

    Sleeping Mommy

  2. It looks super fab!!! I love it.


    My neighbors accidentally took your Christmas card and they delivered it today. AWE!!!! I totally loved it!

  3. Poor thing. I've done that and then had to start over.

    Happy New Year and it looks FAB.

  4. Wow I love the new look! Please tell me how your changed it. I'm getting so bored with my same old format!

    I'm not sure who's link you lost but if you need help finding anyone let me know, Ariel is out of the office until Jan 21st!!! and I have nothing to do.

  5. Hello Love! I hope you had a fantastic holiday!

  6. um..... I miss you! and to respond to your comment on MY BLOG... I WISH YOU WERE HERE... You'd be in our "GROUP" I love you. I love you. I love you... and... this is my FAVORITE picture of YOU!

    *also, sidenote. We got new phones. and UM... I lost all of my digits... could you email me yours. PATHETIC... I know... how sad is this. I've actually not had them for a while. me, or email me.

  7. I make sure I copy that part before putting in a new template lol don't wanna loose my bloggin friends

  8. Love your new look. My blog is, if you need me to reinvite you let me know. Love ya Teresa


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