Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ohh How Approriate!!

I'm not sure where to start or which part of the story would be the most entertaining...hmmm
Perhaps I'll give a brief "Cliff's Notes" and go from there.
  • Wednesday was a busy, busy day
  • Tiny went back to preschool, Mary and I celebrated with pedicures!
  • cooked a yummy, yummy dinner (no really, it's true!)
  • cleaned the house (and interviewed someone to help me every other week!)
  • visited with friends until midnight
  • crashed right away
  • Tiny came into our room at 3 o'clock in the morning demanding a drink of water
  • we refused to get up, so she began to was LOVELY
  • (she really was sick, yes I do feel a bit guilty)
  • I was up with her the rest of the night, bathing and puking, rinsing and wiping, then repeat
  • I went downstairs to fetch a barf bucket.
  • slipped on my pajama bottoms
  • caught myself on the banister and let my toes curl under
  • and I broke my middle toe!
  • Not worth a damn thing unless it's BROKEN!
  • then it's worth ALL kinds of things!! Like walking up and down the stairs, walking to the bus stop, putting on shoes, driving the car (right foot, of course!), standing in the shower, standing to teach Sunday school, sleeping comfortably, getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, having (or NOT having) sex, getting stomped on by little feet or paws throughout the course of a day, going out to dinner with the family and having to walk across the parking lot and then in between tables all squished together, pedicures, shopping or merely browsing through my Happy Place-Target, playing footsie, chasing after the damn dog when she decides to bolt out the front door, rescuing Tiny when she gets stuck between her bed and the wall (a common occurrence), running to catch the phone...

  • And let me just tell you this much: IT SUCKS.

*this was the morning after--and now, three days later, the bruising is OH sooo PRETTY! I'll have to upload some more pics, but that would require walking into the other room to retrieve the camera...and well, I'm just not willing to do that at this point in time!

UPDATE: (yes, more pictures! this is the only therapy I get!)

*the awful stairs at 3 o'clock in the morning!


  1. Ack! Your poor toe!!!!

    That sucks to infinity and beyond!

  2. How sad! I'm so sorry about your broken toe and all your chaotic day. Hope Tiny is feeling better.

  3. OUCH and GROSS. no more pictures of feet. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE FEET! NO MORE PICTURE'S OF FEET!

    I'm soooo sad for your toe, but I don't want to see it... UGH!

  4. Having never broken anything (and never wanting to) I feel so bad for your tiny little toe! I hope it gets better... ouchy!

  5. Oh yikes! ....On a positive note- At least they are painted pretty! :)

  6. that. looks. TERRIBLE!

    i love that you secured it to your long second-toe, though. that's how you do it with sprained fingers.

    get better... or, HEEL!

  7. As a former dancer and consumer of designer shoes, I totally understand your toe pain. Blame the stairs, not the toes! I hate stairs. They are stupid and awful and force me to actually raise my heartrate a few times a day.

    Damn stairs.

    Sorry about your toe!

  8. That is so freaking hilarious! I almost snarfed my Raisen Bran just now. And I agree with loriloo, it's the stairs' fault!


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