Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I am once again reminded that in order to be a true blogger you must be completely self absorbed. When searching through previous posts from 2 years ago in order to find that really cute haircut...be mindful of those around you.

When they see you laughing, when they see you shaking your head, when they hear you say Oh MY HELL (besides knowing that you are from Utah) they now know you are shallow and self absorbed--so much in fact that you will tune out the rest of the world so you can completely lose yourself in your past musings. They now know you have a serious attitude problem and a tendency to insult others and divulge their secrets,* and they will leave you feeling alone and guilty.

Now I'm not saying you should stop blogging (that would be blasphemy)!! All I'm sayin' is that perhaps you might want to wait until you are surrounded by the privacy of your own home before you start flippin' page loads, revealing yourself to In Real Life friends that could leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable (though they should know by now that you will be blogging about the whole situation an hour later)!!

*But do you think they realize they are no longer safe from the random thoughts that pass through my mind and into the world wide web purely for my own entertainment and self satisfaction? No? OK let's just keep that between us. Thanks.

After reading your comments, I guess I could just be more specific. After all, it's not like my friend Mary wouldn't know I was talking about her if she read my post!! So here's what happened:

We were at my friend's house getting my hair cut and colored, but I forgot to print out the picture I had in mind. I knew I had a picture on my blog from a couple years ago though, so I began the search while she and Mary chatted over breakfast. Meanwhile I became LOST in my earlier posts...searching for the one with the cute haircut, I kept reading my past musings and completely ignored everyone else! (You have to understand, our kids were there, her kids were there, total chaos and uproar with 5 little kids and a dog; meanwhile I'm just sitting at the computer laughing and having a good time!...don't mind me!) After a while I realized I was the only one there! So after finally finding my picture, and insisting that they come see my blog, my friends seemed a bit...miffed? (in a "roll your eyes" kind of way), and it became clear to me that they sooo do not understand the vanity of a blogger! It takes a special person to be so self-absorbed! : )


  1. My friends know of my blog but I'm not sure I want them to know me like my blog knows me.

  2. OK. I'M SO LOST!
    What happened? You need to be more specific... if this is my online way to speak to you... I need to know the details of said events!

  3. There's something to be said for having a secret blog that nobody in your real life knows about, not that I was smart enough to not tell any of my real life friends and/or family about mine... ;)

  4. Oh, my hell! This is SO true! Although several of my "In Real Life" friends know about my blog, few of them read it. The exposure factor sometimes freaks me out when they say they're going to read it. But then they never do. Whew! Crisis averted.

  5. I love reading your blog. It makes me want to sit in your living room and observe your life to see what the hell your posts mean. I feel like I know you, but who ARE you?!

    Okay, maybe I need to be a bit more raw in my blog. But then again, mothers read it. Hmmm...and that is the conundrum.

  6. The only thing I love more than bloggers are bloggers who can freely admit that it take a degree of narcissism to blog in the first place. Well done, dear.

  7. TOTAL self-absorbed blogger, here.

  8. I'm lovin it, they just don't understand, we are all self-absorbed in the blogging world.


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