Sunday, August 13, 2006


To My Little Sweetie:

I cannot believe you are about to start your first day of school. It does not seem right that you are old enough to attend Kindergarten. The truth are growing up. Despite every last attempt to keep you my little girl forever, you continue to evolve into this amazing little person. One full of ideas, aspirations, shortcomings, and successes.

One so sure of herself, confident and yet so sensitive to the world around you. You have the same thirst for knowledge as your father. You have his keen sensitivity to all things beautiful; flowers, colors, trees, music. I pray you will continue to seek out those things. You pay attention to the feelings of others and notice when things aren't as they should be. No matter the situation or circumstance, you do what you think is necessary to comfort those around you. You have been given the nickname of Sweetie for that very reason. You are a sweetheart!

You were the first person to teach me how to be a mother. The first to teach me about unconditional love first hand. You were the first to grow within my womb, the first to have your heart beating within my own body. You were the first to teach me the joy and pain of childbirth. The first to show me what it was like to experience having a piece of your heart and soul turn into the beautiful little girl you are today. I'd like to say that I am a better mother now than I was then, and I pray that I can say the same thing in another ten years. Just like you, I will continue to learn and strive to be a better person, to learn life's lessons, and never forget I will protect you more fiercly than a mama bear. I love you and will go to the ends of the earth for you. Just do me one favor...allow me the time to savor every precious moment of your sweet little life and don't complain when I cry that you refuse to stay little forever.

I dedicate this little story to you. For the past two years, I have felt like the Monster at the End of the Book. Knowing that with every page you turn, we get closer and closer to the day you will start school, a day I dreaded because it meant you were no longer little enough to stay home with me. It also meant a great milestone for you. I suppose for so long you were MY baby, and now things have changed a bit. I will now be known as Sweetie's mom...and that I can live with.

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Pssst. Pssst. I LOVE YOU. xxoo
Good luck on your first day of school.
snuggles and lullabies,


  1. This is such an exciting time for our little ones. Here's to a wonderful first day of school that will lead to many wonderful days at school and lifetime love of learning.

  2. Wow!

    That's exciting and sad all at the same time. I can't believe she's growing up so fast!

  3. Precious! That is an awesome little letter you wrote to Sweetie! I hope she gets to read it someday.

    Doodle starts Kindergarten Thursday. She went to pre-k though last year so that was harder than this year. She loved it and has been counting down to Kindergarten since her last day of school in May! HA!

    You'll be okay. I PROMISE! (It may take until April or May, but YOU WILL BE OKAY!!!) :)

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    She will do great!

    And so will you!

  5. Oh man! How dare you make me cry on a Monday morning at work. Don't you realize that there are pregnant women out there reading your blog? My emotions just can't take it anymore! We're all loosing our children ... they're growing up too fast! Gahhhhh, what are we to do??!?!?!?

  6. First of all, I love "The Monster At The End of The Book"....secondly, what a sweet and loving post to your precious girl!

    My one and only little one is about to start driving and it has conjured up all sorts of feelings inside me. These are compounded by the fact that I am trying to get pregnant again right many diverse emotions with enough common thread to bind themselves together. Posts like yours remind me of them and why, sixteen years later, I am starting all over.

  7. P.S. - I hope that your sweet girl is nicer to you than my son was to me on his first day of school....

    I walked him into his designated circle in the gym and, while waiting for the teacher to arrive and take the kids to class, was told, "Uh, mom? You can leave now."

  8. CRYING.... darn you!

    Um, i think you've got it wrong. I think she can start school NEXT YEAR... NOT THIS YEAR! OK. OK, Good. Now that we've got that settled. I'm Home and I WILL call you. TODAY. (Looks like you got PHOTOSHOP for your birthday!)

    Love you. ME
    K, I think I'm seeing things. As I typed this... I SWEAR Just me's cat MOVED! I saw it... I did!

  9. Email me Tikersa's blog address please. I cannot find it and I'm going through catching up on my blog withdrawl.

    Love you. Thanks for the talk it helped me out a lot to talk to someone about all the SHIT.That hit the fan while I was home. I love you and am greatful that I can talk to you about my little bro and have you not judge him. Because you understand COMPLETELY!
    I love you. (K, why don't I just write my own blog now since my comments are becoming LONGER and LONGER and LONGER!)

  10. I cried and cried on the first day of school. Now that the youngest is going into 2nd grade, I am ready to heave the both of them out the door!


  11. What a darling post....It's amazing how time passes and they grow when we aren't looking.

    Today my baby started Kindergarten too. :(

  12. Your killing me!!! This monumental moment of Syd's life will be here sooner than I am ready. Why can't they stay little forever?


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