Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Alright. Day two.

Sweetie was excited about her fist day of school. I on the other hand cried myself to sleep the night before (only after calling my mom in Australia to finally calm myself down). Even my husband was impressed by my display of uncontrollable sobbing--poor guy. He feels guilty for not having prepared ME for kindergarten! (He actually thought the only person he really needed to focus on was Sweetie--pah!)

Anyway, I indeed walk her to class each morning (the younger two munchkins in tow). Only I haven't fully adjusted to this new schedule of ours. You see, the kids used to get up in the morning and SLOWLY wake themselves up over Cheerios and cartoons. Now they get woken up bright and early, thrown into clothes, and have breakfast practically spoon fed down their throats and out the door before they even have time to wet their pullups. I'm still a bit shaky and out of sorts myself, but I have discovered Coke Zero is totally acceptable at 6:45 in the morning! Also, with the new change in schedule comes earlier nap times. This means we eat lunch at 10:45 a.m., play for 10 minutes to "work it off," then take naps by 11:30. That way I can (once again) wake them up, throw on new pullups, shove fruitsnacks down their throats, and get out the door by 1:50 p.m. to get ourselves a good spot in the carpool lane.

Why don't I just send her on the bus, you ask? Oh, because of things like THIS! (click here) So rest assured, I will be one of THOSE moms...walking her to class every morning and waiting outside for her when the last bell rings. (until she's 30!)


  1. i can't believe you're old enough to have a kid in kindergarten... i can't believe we're the same age... i can't believe my intern's wife just had a baby... i need a drink.

  2. Don't go overboard!! Age 25 should be sufficient.

    And thanks to you.......I love Coke Zero now. Bad girl!

    Everything will be ok.

  3. I would be sobbing. :)

    She is so cute!

  4. Okay, now I feel bad for you AND Erika!

    I almost cried when Doodle told me she could walk in by herself and didn't need me. I of course waited till she was in the door before driving off. (Luckily her classroom is the 3rd one in the door or I may hide and follow her in! HA)

    Sweetie looks so cute though!

  5. Hang in there Girl, I does get easier! OK, When? I have not idea but that's what I've been told, lol!

  6. SOOOO cute. I wanna SQUISH HER! (but I won't!)

  7. She is just so adorable. I love how she has so much attitude in all of her pictures!

  8. How sweet. And how utterly inviting to alchol it sounds to me. Can I hire a nanny for that portion of parenting?


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