Monday, August 28, 2006

i miss you

dear mom,
i just wanted you to know that i've been thinking of you. and ever since we moved, i haven't been able to find the moon. it makes me sad. i feel like i left it in louisiana. i'm sure i'll see it soon enough, perhaps we're just surrounded by too many trees and other houses. perhaps the city has covered it up with their bright lights. perhaps it really is gone. or perhaps i just miss you too much. i miss our late night walks. and i miss you.

thanks for all of your prayers. even from thousands of miles away, you still manage to be the best mom.

love you LOTS and LOTS!

The same night I wrote this post, I received a phone call from AUSTRALIA! My mom had decided not to extend her mission by six months--which means she will be coming home in November! OH HAPPY DAY! I got the news while waiting in line for my paint at Home Depot and I swear to you, every person in that department now knows that my mom will be home in less than three months!! WHOO-HOO!!


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Ahh poor chicken. It will be ok. You should get an iChat so you can see each other on the computer. That is what we do for my sister who lives in Hawaii.

  2. I know you said she was extending her stay, when will she be home?

    I talked to Carlie yesterday online and she said she's going to go to Perth in Nov I think. She was wondering if you mom will still be there.

  3.'ve got me all teary eyed.

    I wish I were close enough to my mom to feel this way - You are so fortunate.

  4. OH. I'm sad for you. She'll be home sooner than you know. Although this doesn't help you. Cause I know you want her NOW.

    Have you EVER moved without her coming out to help? I bet this is why.

    I wish I could SNAP my finger's and make it all go away!

  5. Oh man, not only do I miss my Mom....I think I miss you're Mom too, lol!!

    Not to worry, the moon will shine again!

  6. Awwww! I know how you are feeling except my recent (well almost a year now) was to be back home with my mom. We are having a bit of a rough patch but your post just made me stop and think, I won't be so hard on her now.

    Hurry and Post...
    HURRY, and post.

  8. :( I'm sorry you are sad-faced!

  9. What?! After that title, I was sure this post was all about ME. What a let down.

  10. See Prayers do work! Congrats to you!!!!


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