Thursday, May 18, 2006


A recent poll has indicated the Mother of the Year Candidate, Barefoot Belle, will no longer be in the running for 2006. Also, Little Miss will no longer be considered for the Friend of the Year Award after her most recent post. The two cannot be reached for comment.

*BFB welcomes guests into her home.

*BFB demonstates love and affection toward children.

*BFB displays how to rid the house of bugs.

*BFB exhibits the proper technique for brainwashing boys into kung fu fighting when faced with confrontation.

*BFB tries to conceal her guilt by offering a hand.

*BFB reveals the CORRECT way to transport children under 45 pounds.


  1. BFB, I want the paint color on NOT on your wall...



  2. Oooooh---isn't tattling so much fun? :)

  3. couple of those pics makes BFB look liked she's 10-feet tall. she scares me.

  4. Bug picture made me barf a little in my mouth.

  5. She got quite the bug whacking technique, lol!

  6. can she come kill the spider that has crawled up to the ceiling in the living room? Mr. Incredible is gone, and well - I can't reach the little bugger.

  7. heh. I luff y'all. You are SO my kind of peeps.

  8. Well, but it looks fun.

    BFB - come kill my bugs.


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