Monday, May 01, 2006

Could Have Been VERY Embarrassing!

I was at the mall this morning with my two youngest munchkins (something I haven't done in months--seriously), and we went up the escalator to ride the carousel--because what's a mall without moving stairs or flying horses on sticks? Anyway, we saw this mom with her friend and their kids. Immediately, I recognized her as someone I knew really well, but I couldn't place her. We made eye contact, then she looked back at her friend and continued talking. I was about to walk up to her and say hi, but my kids were dragging me to the carousel, and I never got the chance.

As we're going round and round on this stupid thing (and I'm getting sick to my stomach), I keep trying to place this mom's face...where do I know her from??

Then it hit me! ---She is my gynecologist!! Someone that I haven't "seen" in almost a year! Yes, I know her really well, but not NEARLY as well as she knows ME!!

p.s. Masked Mom gave me this award! I feel so honored! Here's the comment I left for her:
A Perfect Post

I'd like to thank my kids for never giving a moment of peace, the E.R. for Lortab and Codeine, my feather pillow, and my camera phone (without which you would have NO proof of my week long drug addiction...)

Thanks MM
!! ; )


  1. are you saying that it's time to go in for the fun exam?

    I've done that before - the trying to figure out who the person is...not the fun exam... well I've done that -'s late - you know what I think I am trying to say.

  2. Wow congrats on the award!

    Yeah I'm not sure I'd recognize my OB either, I try to block that entire day out.

  3. Yeah, I'd say that she is probably a little more knowing of you. I'm thinking, your lack of recognition was probably the angle, LOL!

    Yes, moving stairs and flying horses on sticks are the ONLY reason to step foot in a mall. :):)

  4. Mine was a man in his late 40's. He ALWAYS wore a bowtie. Cracked me up. My sister and my best friend went to the same one. We all called him "Bowtie Eddie"! Sure couldn't forget him in a crowd! LOL!

  5. I wonder what she thought as she glanced at you and then went on..if she made the connection, did she think to herself "I've seen her girly-bits" and then just went right on as if it was all normal...well I guess that would be normal for her? She sees girly bits all the time. Any way
    I guess being addicted to Greys Anatomy will mess with your head!! I now wonder what they(real doc's) actually think and talk about....

  6. Maybe you are not used to seeing her whole know that catchers pose can really distort someones appearance...hahaha!

  7. You have to read this:

    Not all of it applies, but keep reading--you'll get to the gyno's eye-view!

  8. Congrats!!

    That's funny. I hate when I don't recongize people and then realize later why I did.
    Thank God you didn't say "Now where do I remember you from?" And she would have to say well......

  9. That is the worst and I am always doing it. NEVER to my OB...that takes the cake.

  10. MM-

    I am so terrified I want to run to the store and buy a razor right now and shave at work.....oh GOD!

  11. Beats seeing your GYNO at CHURCH every week. (You remember THAT... don't you) Swearing at the Bishop/Doctor while you are giving birth. I often QUESTION our decision about this Doctor we chose, but then I realize.... He is WONDERFUL.
    Um, I think you should blog about having your Gyno be your Bishop too..... That would be GREAT. You could put quite the spin on that one.

  12. I'm glad I don't have exams like that. Very glad. Another reason it's nice to be a boy!

  13. I just had my "visit", too. Wheeee! Isn't that FUN?

    Congrats on getting a great posty thingie. Personally, I'd have a hard time deciding since ALL your posts pretty much rock. :-)


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