Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Tiny!

Dear Tiny,
Two years ago, you came screaming into this world. The instant our midwife put you on my chest, you lifted your head. You smiled before you were old enough, you crawled too soon, and you reached your terrible two's eight months ago! Why do you have to grow up so fast?! You know how to push your brother and sister's buttons, you talk back to your parents, and you climb out of bed at 3 a.m. and help yourself to Cheerios and cartoons.

I'm sure it's a combination of having two older siblings teaching you things every day, and the fact that you're just pure genius (says the mom!)--but you are simply amazing. You love to play pretend with your baby dolls and kitchen toys. You love to run around naked. And you do NOT like to wear pants...they have to be SHORTS. Your vocabulary is out of control. You have so many words, and you know how to use them. Besides that, you can express your thoughts and needs even if you don't know the right words to use. You can run, jump, and climb like most THREE year olds, and you sing songs and read books. Again, WHY do you have to grow up so fast?! In fact, I'm not sure if anyone ever told you that you were supposed to be a baby! You learn things too quickly, and you insist on growing up before everyone else your age. In fact, if I don't publish this post soon, I'm going to have to edit in your first basketball game, your first date, and your first day of high school!

Happy Birthday, Teeny Tiny. I love you much. You make our family complete.

Lullabies and kisses,


  1. So sweet. (sniffle)

    It made me cry.

  2. Dammit - these posts make me all sappy. She is such a princess.. and you were cute pregnant, whereas I was a freaking monster!!!

    Sigh - so sweet. Mommies and daughters.. there's just nothing better in the world. I guess until highschool!

    I responded to the email earlier - did you not get it?

    Happy birthday, Tiny.

  3. LL-you're just hormonal!

    holli-i got your message! YEAH!

  4. Seriously so sweet! I miss the little ones! Happy Birthday Tiny (a few day late)

    Love, me!

  5. Happy Birthday Tiny! Such a sweet letter...

  6. Happy Birthday Tiny! You are just a cutie!

    I sent you an email.

  7. She sounds so SASSY... too bad I've only met the little one ONCE... I think she may have been my favorite if i'd known her better cause she is such a little SASSY PANTS!

    Happy Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!
    I love you!

  8. ok, so first this post is all cute and well written. THEN I get to "Lullabies and kisses" and I lose it.

    Adorable. Thouroughly.

  9. That was terribly sweet! She is such a beauty and a smart one, my goodness!

  10. Happy Birthday. And she's just cute.

  11. Happy Birthday!!! She is so cute!!!! Good job there Mom and Dad, celebrate!

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. It's ridiculous how time passes.

    Love the pictures and the post. Beautiful!

    btw...I agree, people do care. It's just sometimes I'm in the presence of some that really make me wonder. Very taxing!

  13. Awww! Simply precious!

    Happy Birthday Tiny! Looking forward to meeting you in all your loveliness soon!


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