Friday, November 11, 2005

What Is Sleep Without, any sleep?

Second night in a row with no sleep. NONE.

Do you hear what I'm trying to tell you?? The!!

The girl is feeling better. Her fever broke yesteday. By the afternoon however, I was feeling sick. I'd be changing a diaper, then start to dry off to the kitchen sink I went. Meanwhile, the kids were LAUGHING at the sound of my insides wretching; they thought it was HILARIOUS. And then the baby started to fake barf! She'd throw her head back, stick out her tongue, and say, "blalahggugh", then giggle. Nnnnice.

(Here I am, barfing into the sink, laughing at my children, and calling my husband on the phone so he can hear what's going on!!--I wouldn't want him to miss out on this PRICELESS family time, now would I?!)

Anyway, the boy woke up screaming that HIS tummy hurt last night. I wanted to be in there if he was going to throw up, so I climbed into bed with him. I was convinced that if he just held still long enough, he'd fall asleep. No such luck. He thrashed around, cried, kicked his feet, screamed, drifted off long enough for me to finally fall asleep, then start the cycle all over again. And by 3:45 a.m. he was saying he wanted to get up. He wanted "chickin en fries and watch cardoons".

EXCUSE ME??!! Cartoons aren't even on at that time of night! Chickens aren't even awake at that time of night!! Naughty shows and infomercials are still airing at that time of night!!! WTH was he thinking?

*The only thing worse than not getting any sleep is TRYING.
~little miss


  1. I can totally picture you kids laughing and you barfing into the sink.

    Sorry the boy is sick and you didn't get any sleep! That just sucks.

  2. I agree!! It's so nasty when you're trying to go to sleep and the little one just wont let you and you're on the verge so many times, with no such luck...that is hell.

    Hope eveyrone gets healthy very soon!!

  3. Been there done that, well not in the sink exactly. lol Feel better soon.

  4. oh gosh.. you know I can totally identify on the no sleeping thing.

    as for barfing - anyone that disagrees with me, you are bizarro - it is my least favorite thing in the world. I'm so sorry!! I really hope you all feel better.. maybe all at the same time?

    seems like everyone has a stomach virus lately!!!

  5. Imagery! I love it!

    Oh yes, and I loved...

    "Do you hear what I'm trying to tell you?? The!!" well. Love that movie!
    Zut Alors, I have "meesed" one!

  6. Embrace the infomercials!

    I have found that it is just a matter of conditioning your body to lack of sleep.

    And there is quality programming on at 3:30 a.m., thanks to the Disney Channel and Nick at Nite I can relive my early adolescence.

    Besides, let the little guy stay up one night with you and realize how crappy it is and he'll be back in bed.

  7. I was feeling pretty wretched myself last night--not much sleep either. The baby has taken to waking up in the middle of the night and REFUSES to go back to sleep. I'm dyin here.

    Yet here I sit, all the kids asleep and I'M STILL ON THIS COMPUTER.

  8. hope everyone is feeling better soon - no sleep is not good...for anyone.

  9. Yea, she may feel crappy people, but she can still shop. Bearly standing on her feet we hit the furinture store yesterday for a new mattress set for Sweetie. It was really sad. But hopefully Sweetie slept peacefully last night.

  10. Ahhhh, shitty! Get better y'all!!

  11. Oh man. Laughing kids at a sick Mommy, NOT pretty. Funny, but not pretty. lol I'm glad you thought to call your husband, it just wouldn't have been righr for him to miss that.

    No sleep has GOT to be one of the worse things EVER!! I might have just given my son the remote and told him to knock himself out, lol!

    Feel better.

  12. ohhh...feel better soon...and stay away from my blog...i don't want to get what you have ;-)~

  13. How are you and your family feeling? Any better?

    Even Erika has blogged twice since you have....this isn't normal! LOL!


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