Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hi, My Name Is

Hi. My name is Little Miss, and I have an addiction. I cannot leave a store without purchasing something of little consequence. That's right, I am addicted to shopping. I have entered into a twelve step program for this problem currently plaguing me (and my family). The steps are as follows:

1. Recognize you have a problem. (spending $122 when I only went in for a stick of deodorant and some tampons??)
2. Commit to making a change. (balancing the checkbook would be a great place to start.)
3. Confess. (um, honey, we're in debt, our account was overdrawn last week, and I want to buy some new clothes ?? no, crap. um, honey, please don't let me out of the house any more?? Done.)
4. Spend many sleepless nights fretting over fiscal matters.
5. Get a new system for paying bills, record keeping, and budgeting.
6. Cut up the credit cards. (and throw away at least one piece so I cannot possibly tape it back together again for online purchases. damn, that's good!)
7. Cut up the debit card. (ouch! that one was the kicker!)
8. Make a grocery list, and stick to it. (make a list, give it to my husband, and stay OUT of the store. check.)
9. Cash or check only.
10. No impulse buys allowed. (holy crap, did I REALLY commit to that one?!)
11. Stop eating out--the kids don't really need individual kids meals, they're 4, 2, and 1...seriously, we can all split an order of fries and a soda! (you mean they DON'T need a cheap toy that will break in ten minutes and cause total toddler meltdown??!! Whoah, that's deep!)
12. Stay home. No, seriously, don't tempt yourself with window will only cause more pain. (feel like shopping? Then Go To The Gym, and kick my own ass!)

Now you know how I'll be spending my time...NOT SHOPPING.

blogging, working out, playing taxi driver to my three munchkins, not shopping, going to the gym and not entering the pro shop they have at the front, driving right past the mall and not shopping, napping, playing with the kids, skipping the garage sales, chasing the dog in the back yard, blogging, bathing the damn dog instead of having her groomed, not going into Petco and buying stuff for the dog, blogging, surfing the web and not shopping, talking on the phone, listening to the radio and trying to win free cash (FOR SAVINGS-- PEOPLE), oh! and then there's not shopping.


  1. Hi, I'm new. I'm right there with you on the shopping. I love to shop. All the time. I'll tell you how I get a fix if I need it. I go to a thrift store. I can spend $2 and feel great satisfaction!!

  2. I'm with you on the credit card thing I need to cut them all up too. Ugh those are nice to have but not nice to have if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do. lol

  3. Big bold step. I only have four words for you: Day After Thanksgiving Sale. Good luck.

  4. cutting up the cards only works if you don't have the numbers and everything written down so you can use them online ;-)~

  5. How funny. Man you got it bad girl. Sounds like it might be easier to kick a dope addiction. LOL!

    Good luck. I mean tis the season and all.

  6. Meeeeee tooooooo... Let's start a support group! Staying home doesn't help, because then you get so bored that you go to the store and BINGE. (because you've been cooped up in the house for a week) Um, Kohl's after Thanksgiving day sale 50% off all toys, plus $10 back. Sorry... I can't help it either... But, the kids DO need stuff for Christmas, you may as well save 50% RIGHT????

    Let me know how all of this works out for you!

  7. Is your avatar girl crying today? Sad.

    You and Loo should join a support group.

    Her problem may be worse, though. We can go into any store (seriously ANY kind of store) and instantly find the most expensive item and ask if she can buy it. It never fails; clothing stores, shoe stores, gas stations, grocery stores...

  8. I need to join the support group because I am right there with you!!! I'm expecting UPS today to deliver the crapload of stuff I bought on last week out of boredom. Yikes.

  9. I sooo, know how that goes. It is impossible for me to leave Wal-Mart without spending over $100!
    Good luck! This is the hardest time to do that too!

  10. Yes, we should start a support group. I have a problem, I admit it. Do I want to stop? NO!

  11. Can't say as I'm really fired up about this either. Now who am I gonna shop with?

  12. Wait - I couldn't cut up my debit card.. it's what I use as cash.. I would be SCREWED!!

    This is a really big change to make pre-Christmas!!!

  13. Shopping is scary enough, but Internet shopping--once you get started--is really, really hard to stop. You don't even have to get dressed!

  14. lol. i love to shop as well! if you can stcik to your resolution, salute to you!

  15. Good luck - I am there with you on the credit cards we don't have them. I'll be thinking of you!

  16. Its tough!! Mr. Belle and I went through this process recently and it is so difficult. The only thing that helps me through is seeing the progress... watching a debt go down, seeing the savings account go up, that kind of thing.

  17. If this 12 step program works for you, let me know!


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