Wednesday, November 09, 2005

That's Love, Sam.

Three bottles of Gatorade: check.
Two liters of Ginger Ale: check.
Ten loads of laundry in one night: check.
One can of Lysol: check.
One dispenser of hand sanitizer: check.
One pallet on the livingroom floor: check.
Disposable pillows: check.
Handful of Tylenol: check.
Box of Saltine crackers: check.
Homemade chicken noodle soup: who do you think I am? Betty Crocker? Martha Stewart? no, that's my mom!
Cup-o-noodles chicken flavor: check.

My four year old said her tummy hurt really, REALLY bad. She thought she needed to go potty, so off she went. Soon I heard her crying. I went in and hugged her...that's when it hit. "BAUGHLEHHH!" Puke, all over the back of my hair, my shoulders, my back, the which point I just continued to hug her and say, "it's ok, honey, throw up all that yucky stuff...shhhh, shhhhh, shhhh."...(thinking to myself how amazing it is that this gut reaction comes so naturally to mothers when it involves her own children)... And yes, all the while still sitting with her pants around her ankles and arms around my neck...poor baby!

*Damn! And here I thought we had narrowly escaped the barfamillion plague that has been going around our preschool friends. I think it's hit every family this side of the Mississippi. Alas, they saved the best for last! (We wouldn't want to be left out, now would we?!)

UPDATE: 10 times in 2 1/2 hours! 10 times!! Is it possible for a little girl to barf up her entire GI tract? I think she's headed in that direction.


  1. that sounds horrific! keep pumping her full of fluids.

    and yet again, i thank heavens that i live on THIS side of the mississippi.

    hope she feels better... and i hope that you get the smell out of your hair. i hear that tomato juice does wonders.

  2. Oh, I feel so bad for her, you TOO. My son had the same thing not to long ago and it was NASTY!

    I've decided I don't look good in orange, blah!

    Hope she is feeling better.

  3. Hey,

    not sure if you have given up on the monson family, but I remember that you used to comment a lot on our blogs.

    anyway, after a hiatus, Molly and I are back.

  4. Oh no! Hope she gets to feeling better and the rest of the family remains exempt!

    Also...TEN loads in ONE night??!!

    (Bowing to you)

  5. Oh your good! I would have flung her to the wall and began throwing up too.

  6. ohhh...poor baby!!! mine threw up on my pillow a while back...that was pleasant...1 more centimeter and things would have gotten ugly!!

  7. Oh that sucks! I hate to see little kids sick. I don't know how you do it! Hopefully the other little ones don't get sick as well. Your a great mom.

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  9. No way! My kid or not, I would have puller her away and held her at arms length so she could continue puking on the floor while I gross out at the slimy feeling all down the back of me, trying hard not to throw up myself, hoping my kid is okay but hoping she is done quickly so I can get in the shower.

    I don't know how you did it! You get your Mom of the Year Award back!

  10. Now THAT is what being a parent is all about. I bow down to you, mother of the year.

  11. awwwww, pooooor baby!! I hear ya, Julian can poop, vomit, whatever on me and I'm just like it's ok hunny. Amazing what motherhood can get us through. I really hope she's feeling better!

  12. No one ever lets me puke on them. No fair!

  13. Do you think daylight savings time added a few more hours of puke time?

    I'm just sayin...

  14. Hope she feels better. That's totally disgusting.

  15. Poor both of you! Motherhood is a never-ending adventure, isn't it?

  16. God Bless her! Poor girl and poor mommy. Thats always nerve wrecking! We just went through the same thing here. Only not so much puke:0( Get better little, little miss!

  17. oh your poor baby. hope she is feeling better now. and i guess only a mommy will say "it`s ok, honey" while her kid is throwing up all over her. :)

  18. eeewww I feel so bad for you and her - hope she is feeling better - push the clear fluids for 24 hours and then go to the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, toast.... will make things better.

  19. It just hit my house for the second time. I'm so tired. I hope you all get better.


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