Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Got Any Gum?

I was talking to my friend the other night (and this may get a little crass, so shield your eyes), she told me about her friends at the gym.

A girl came into the gym and told them about her night. She was pissed because late at night, the phone rang. Her husband said, "I got it, it's for me." She said, "no, it's not, it's for me." He said, "what ya wanna bet?" She said, "I'll give you a blow job if it's not for me." She answered the phone and said, "shit," (handing the phone over to her husband) who then said, "I told you it was for me, I just paged the guy two minutes ago!"

Overhearing this conversation, another girl at the gym said, "why did you bet him a blow job? I'd have just bet my husband a stick of gum or something."

Since then, it's been a running joke. "I asked my husband last night if he wanted a piece of Juicy Fruit." or "C'mon, give me some of that Hubba Bubba!" or "can I kiss those Chiclets...with my Extra flavor?"

Check out the benefits of gum! (click here)

"Orbit: For A Good Clean Feeling, No Matter What"
"Freedent: Non-Stick Chewing Enjoyment"
"Winterfresh: Where icy cool breath is always on."

Or you could join the Wrigley's Oral Health Care Network...


  1. Now the question is...did she follow through with the bet... I would have bet a stick of gum! LOL... Have a good day!

  2. At the R.S. Retreat I went to this last weekend the conversation went to sex. They were talking about a guy that use to live in the ward that lived "keep the sabbath day holy" to the law. He wouldn't have sex on Sunday because he was "working". The BISHOPS wife said her husband (the bishop) says to her, "you wanna break the sabbath". Now it's a running joke with the R.S.

  3. hahaa! I'll have to remember that one.

  4. I am partial to Winterfresh!

  5. There is a joke dying to be made with reference to "Bazooka Joe"...if you know what I mean...although Barefoot may not...anyway....

  6. so does this mean your gum chewing skills have improved?

  7. I TRIED to post this comment about the Brazillian/Native post. My computer was being STUPID. I then get my computer UP and running and see that I have been CALLED ON to write a comment.

    So, although this may seem SO random. I have to post it...
    BRAZILIAN... all the way~ Who the hell wants a big ol' hairy BUSH in the way~ GROSS!

    Also... hello Daddy'O... I am seeing you in a whole new light. I got past the image of you dancin with a pole, but now THIS. WHO ARE YOU?

    Much love from the NON-sex camel~ Jess

  8. I won't even say what I was going to say. LOL.

    but my forced word verification is eggyog. at least I can read it for once.

  9. THats funny. BALLS kind of remind me of a big wad of big league chew. Aaron and I have a joke about it.But he'd kill me for saying. I'm in enough trouble for all the pictures I post of him:0)

  10. A piece of gum? What fun is THAT?! Although I do love Double Bubble...it blows the best ones. LOL!


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