Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brazilian or Native?

I've had this draft saved since right before the hurricane hit. Once I saw the devestation left behind, I realized my sense of humor was destroyed as well. Now, two weeks later, I feel the need for a bit of "normalcy." Forgive me if it seems a bit irreverent during a time of crisis.

My husband and I talked about pubic hair last night for twenty minutes. (No, I am NOT joking.) Do you ever wish that you had a conversation recorder just so you could play it back and laugh your ass off? (again and again?)

me: "___ and ____ shave each other as a turn on."
Babe: "I think that's a bit much, but I can understand why they do it."
me: "seriously? because I just don't get it."
Babe: "It's like guys who pimp their ride. You know, they pimp even the parts that nobody ever sees, just because they are THAT cool."
me: "so it's like getting a pedicure?"
Babe: "right. they can say I'm so well groomed; I even take care of THAT!"

me: "but to shave it off completely?!"
Babe: "no, it's more like a landing strip."

Need I go ON?! I only wish this post could do our conversation justice.

note to self:
*lesson #1. scissors are never a good idea
*lesson #2. morning sex and leg cramps are tolerable after all
hmmm, who knew?!


  1. Seriously so funny! If only Bob and I had conversations like that! But maybe it's a good thing.


  3. LOL....when I stop laughing long enough to come up with a good reply - I'll be back...... (Glad your sense of humor is coming back!)

  4. um, I don't know what's funnier, your post, or YOUR DAD COMMENTING "THE BALD TACO"!

  5. BALD TACO.... LMAO!!!

  6. Thats too funny! lol


    NJ from NJ

  7. that was your DAD that left the bald taco comment? i may have to vomit.

    that seriously sounds like a conversation i would have with benny. he, too, favors the "landing strip".

    i can't believe i just wrote that. i better hit submit before i chicken out.

  8. Oh yeah...bald taco is the way my wife prefers it. We talk about things like that all the time. No topic is off limits to us, lol.

  9. Hah!!!

    Hey, thanks for stopping by to check on me. I'm not near Louisiana (but my brother is in Baton Rouge) - glad you and your family are safe and well.

  10. oh, how wonderful it is to log on to see 8 comments since your last post twelve hours ago!

    when my cousin started dating girls much younger than him, he said,"hey, as long as there's grass on the playing field, it's fair game." now I'm thinking to myself...if hairless cats are the way to go...?? well, you fill in the rest.

  11. take it ALL OFF!!!

    just take something before hand.. whew.

    oh - i never emailed you my funny story, which is not for public consumption.

  12. OMG....i'm not even sure what to say to this one...entertaining to say the least...but scissors???
    one word....WAX....

  13. scissors are definitely out of the question... as are tweezers.

  14. Got to admit, never done the full baldy. I will wax my legs, but if that little cloth strip nears anywhere close to "the area" I start to sweat and get short of breath (in the bad way, not the good way ... sickos).

  15. Hahaha, wow. I have had one conversation with my SO about the hair down there, and that was "Hey, should I wax it all off?" His answer? "Sure." And that was it.

  16. No words of wisdom, Ms. Jae? No "non sex camel" comments or words of advice? hmmm?? none?

    i know you're out there lurking!
    ; )

    and um, Wendi and Nytro, your words of advice could have been shared with me weeks ago!! Hello?! you're a bit late.

  17. We Nair it. It definitely makes for pleasanter oral...uh, pleasure. ing. ness. or something.

    Thanks for the darling comment!

  18. if my husband wanted me a completely bare... i would be concerned. i'm not seven years old anymore, thank you very much!

    i've had a wax down there before... but it was just a bikini wax. i almost died right there on the table. I can't imagine taking ALL OF IT OFF. that's some serious sensitive skin down there! can you imagine the pain?

  19. Okay - so I took a poll among the ladies at my part-time job - ages 22- 52) and their opinions are as follows.....

    R-50: What the hell are you talking about?

    D-51: - Why would you want to do that - go natural...(she's my flower child-and her pictures from the past - well lets put it this way - I didn't know what a roach clip was till I met her - she used to make them!!!)

    C-40's - Oh - those men - when he shaves I'll shave.....

    M-22 college intern: - Oh - you gotta do it - it hurts, but it will be the best... turns red and stops talking....

    So there you go....

  20. OMG!! I just wrote a post about this very subject for tomorrow! Too funny:)

    Great job at Michele's btw.

  21. Great topic - I have actually heard of lasers that permanently remove any or all.

    What happens later when having something there comes back into style, but you've already fired up the laser and removed it all?

    I'm just askin'

    Ben O.

  22. I like the landing strip. Its a lot of upkeep though! Once and awhile I'll shave it all off. If I'm feeling SMOOTH:0) I'm bad enough about keeping up with my fingernails let alone giving myself hardwood flooring down there. Theres usually some type of carpet going on. Hubby's better about trimming his bush's


Oh come on-- the least you can do is say HELLO!! You didn't come all this way to turn around and walk away, did you? DID YOU??