Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Do you know How LUCKY I AM?~ let me just tell you.

Honestly. This is going to sound soo cheesy, but I'm the luckiest person in the world (or the most blessed, or the most pittied) either ought to be jealous.

Seriously. I have the greatest friends a girl could EVER have. I don't have to worry about letting them get too close...because I won't be judged. I don't have to worry about losing their trust...because they've got mine. My friends (and you know DAMN WELL who you are!!) make my world complete. I can e-mail you simply to say my mom's "best friend" is a horrible human being, sign off with ON THAT NOTE, I love you! and not worry about what I just wrote. I can call you simply to ask you to jump online and look up a phone number for me because I'm driving around town, and though you are 2,000 miles away--you still do it. And I don't have to feel guilty that that was the extent of our conversation. I can call and leave you a voicemail to let you know I miss you and ramble on about some insignificant details of my day...and not worry that you are going to think I just wasted three minutes of your time talking about scrubbing the toilets and walking to the mailbox in 107 degree heat because it's hotter than HELL down here...

and for those of you who can read this post and not judge me for being a total spaz are right up there with the best of them! I love my girlfriends.



  1. There's nothing better than good girlfriends.

  2. I'm going out on a limb here and THINKING that you might be thinking of me... and I'll just go ahead and tell you right here and now that YOU ARE A AMAZING FRIEND. I'm lucky to have you in my life. I miss you. I hate being on vaca and not getting to talk to you as much... but LOVE that I can call you the second I get home and pick up where we left off.
    I.LOVE.YOU!!! (ps... I needed that post, but I'm sure you already knew that! We read eachother's minds...)

  3. SHE IS HORRIBLE!!! TERRIBLE!!! NASTY!!!! I want to break her knee caps!!!!! (And I can say that and not worry about what YOU think about it!!!!)

    Hug your awesome mom for me.

  4. Definitly a warm fuzzy post! I love how you were able to include all your friends in that one post without mentioning any in specifics. ((big ole fat hug)).

    Love yea right back!

  5. Good friends are harder to find the older you get.. people start to go insane. I think this post was incredibly important. We all write about scrubbing toilets - we all ask each other to read about it at some point. I can specifically remember my toilet post. I suck.

    Yay for having friends that look up phone numbers - they save lives!!!

  6. Aww! I am so glad you feel that way about meeeeeeee!

    All the warm im's and emails we send each other and the fact that I can look up a phone number for you anytime......

    Oh wait, that wasn't me. Well, I would have looked it up if you would have called! LOL!

    I do that to my sister all the time.

    Glad you have such amazing friends. They are definitely hard to come by.

  7. You know what? The people who are judging are giving God a day off and good for them. I don't have the time or energy.

    I don't judge you ever!!! You rock and guess what? I'm moving to week!!!! (Oh yeah after having moved to Colorado two weeks ago!!! email me if you want to meet up!!!!!)

  8. Doo Da Doo (sing song voice)....
    You've had no post in days.... I'm bored....

    hee hee

  9. I have't ever even met you but you seem to be a super cool chick and wish I could be your friend. But..we do have one thing in common and that is Jessie and I am lucky to have her too.

  10. OH. How sweet...
    warm fuzzies all around.
    How cute Jen... Loving me from my friends blog!

    *I also second Sweet yet sassy....
    I have an idea for you. You could write about a rare allergic reaction... or somthing like that! Just a thought!

  11. I'm just wondering if that's Ms. Jae or Just Me showing all that cleavage on the sofa?

  12. um. that would NOT be me... after the KIDDOS. Mine look like ELF SHOES/Bannana peels...

  13. Hey. I was wondering HOW LUCKY ARE YOU?

    just wondering... cause I'm kinda sick of looking at this post about how much you love your friends.

  14. Aww crap! I hope you really aren't! That would be totally insensitive. :(

  15. Come back to us! Your humour and wit are missed.

  16. I know I'm totally lucky to get to see you whenever my little heart desires (tomorrow cheap jewelry??) so I shouldn't be selfish. But if you do not post soon, I will come over and it on your lap while you write a post. The topic? An ode to moi. How easy would that be to crank out?;)


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