Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Travel Hangover

Well folks, we made it. We actually got on the plane this time and made it through Houston (stopping 3 times to use the bathroom but hey-I'm getting pretty familiar with the back of bathroom door stalls- remember in middle school? how they use to put ads on the back of doors? Like the school news and adds for tampons? whatever happened to such great advertising?) Anyway, I bought the munchkins a new toy before we left. And can I just tell you it was the best $15 ever spent?! Sweetie got a new horse, Bud-duh got some new dinosaurs, and Tiny got new Polly Pocket girls--kept them entertained for HOURS. Hey-I am sooo not past bribery! Anyway, I am thrilled to be back home. Even damn dog was so excited to see us last night that she kept falling over! I totally have travel hangover but at least it's better than the twilight zone that was my life--being stuck in Utah with sick kids and no luggage. My only saving grace was having Loralee and Jenn come to my rescue Monday night to celebrate my birthday--though once again I saw the back of bathroom doors more times than I care to see ever again--we still had a good time. Good chick flick, yummy food, cute pics (we are still camera whores after all).


  1. Glad that you finally made it back. As much as I loved seeing you after you were suppose to be gone, I know that when I'm done with a vacatin i'm DONE. Can't imagine being stuck in Utah Twilight Zone. Glad you got to see Damn Dong (still laughing about that!)

    Now download all of your billions of pictures and SEND ME SOME. :)

  2. I'm so glad you made it! I got your text, but have been in family suck all day and unable to breathe!

    The night was so fun, the hat is KILLER and the time with you both rocked.

  3. UGH!
    Hate that I missed out. I was cleaning up VOMIT!

    Happy Birthday. I miss you... wanna come back?

  4. Every one just shut it! I'm trying to entice her down to the beach now!!! Come, come, it will make you feel good [said in soft, sing song voice].

  5. Sounds like a great trip! I miss my friends so much it hurts sometimes. My kids are so getting in the way of my social life...geesh.

  6. i was recently in the portland airport (in oregon) and they've installed these new water saving toilets, complete with instructions on how to flush them on the back of the restroom door. up for liquids, down for solids. they've even coated the handles with some kind of surface germs can't grow on. LOL. i've spent lots of my recent time looking at the back of strange bathroom doors...


  7. I'm so jealous you all live close enough to see each other. YOU SUCK. It's not fair. I want to have Loralee and Just ME in MY pics. boo hoo hooooo.

    You all look precious.

    As for Polly Pocket - with this packing.. I'm just about done finding tiny shoes and pants all over the place. Whoever invented this madness needs to be shot.


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