Friday, September 14, 2007

An Ode To Princess Reva and Barefoot Erika

Do you know how lucky the little miss is? Well let US tell you!

Oh Reva, how do I love thee, let me count thy many great qualities:

Reva thou art ridiculously good looking, lovingly neurotic, always loud and entertaining, a little left-brain challenged, extroverted, confoozled, estrogenated, FAB-BUL-OUS, unflatulent (too bad), incredibly musical (in fact I hear she still gots it!), hilarious, magnanimous, friend whore, cuddle whore (not sure we needed that information, what am I talking about? of course we do!), Ikea whore, chaste and a sexysexybeast. What more could a girl want???

Maybe a little Erika to go along with it:

Erika thou art pushy and insightful, distant but entertaining, LSU loving, headquarter remolding fool (did I mention my new bath tub?). Thy toes are ALWAYS painted, and she loves her some Barenaked Ladies (who doesn't?), Thy new camera completes her in ways she never imagined possible. Thy gazelle like intensity and complete lack of focus always makes things entertaining, to say the least. In short, never a dull moment, weather you need one or not.

Oh fair ladies, how lucky indeed is the little miss.

*this post was written by DRY Ink administration, with help from Princess Reva and based upon an idea of Princess Reva's in order not to have to look at the previous post for another damn minute! Okay and maybe to entertain ourselves just a little.


    It's nice to look at this blog and see something else!

    You guys are TOO funny!

  2. Anybody have any ideas on what we should post about tomorrow?

  3. Oh snap, you are such an evil genius! I give my vote for the most embarassing stories involving Little Miss. I've got one about her wetting her pants in my kitchen!

  4. reva, snif, that's the sweetest thing any one's ever said to me, snif.

  5. If you're doing one about embarassing stories... EMAIL ME. I have a few!

  6. So glad to see a new post! You girls rock.


    You two rock the house.

    As does my little friend waaaaaaay across the country (Whom I miss terribly!)

    I loved your voice mail before my trip. It made me giggle.

    I'll call ya when it's sane over here.


Oh come on-- the least you can do is say HELLO!! You didn't come all this way to turn around and walk away, did you? DID YOU??