Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why Today is SUCH a Bummer!

I had this great plan--a super FANTASTIC plan--I wanted to have all the details arranged so that when I presented the idea to my husband, he'd have no choice but to agree. One slight problem: we both had plans for the same day, only his couldn't be cancelled. I bet you're dying to know what it is, huh? Well...

I was planning a trip back to Louisiana to visit Erika for her birthday and spend the rest of the weekend partying at Hooter's, leaving all munchkins and cherubs with an unsuspecting, underpaid and overworked babysitter, inspecting the latest additions to her house, gossiping over plain Hershey bars and York Peppermint Patties, laughing about the latest S****isms, running through the Supertarget in barely-there t-shirts without bras and spending money we don't have, jumping on the trampoline to see who will wet their pants first, yelling at Murphy the Dumbass Wonder Dog to get his ass back in the backyard, yelling at the cherubs to get THEIR asses back in the gate, sweeping the kitchen floors, farting in front of Jacob just to see his priceless reactions, going to Wal-Mart at 2 o'clock in the morning to get tampons and chocolate (we're always on the same schedule), IM'ing each other from the front room to the bedroom ---think dirty thoughts and it's even better, and hours spent calling each other "cold hearted bitch" and "overly sensitive girly-girl" (betcha can't guess which one is which!)...and going absolutely everywhere completely barefoot!

**here's the REAL clincher--**

my husband has to go to Louisiana for a dissertation review for one of his former students!! Guess where he'll be staying?? (Erika, even though technically you're not speaking to me, can he please crash at your place and save us the $80 for a hotel room that we can't afford? hmmm?? pretty please??? I'll be your best friend!?!)

* * * * *

ERIKA--I love you. With all the warm-hearted super fuzziness shit you hate, I LOVE YOU. I'm sorry I can't be there for your birthday, but I'll make it up to you. Actually, you're still going to have a good time. I'M the one who is going to be lonely and homesick...just do me one favor? Save the smack down until I can get there and back you up, K?! C'mon, I deserve a seat on the front row, you KNOW I do.



  1. I love all the pictures! I wish I lived close enough to drive a few hours for a visit.

    I miss ya!

    Happy Birthday Erika!!!

  2. All that AND a star on my bare ass? Wow, sniff, sniff.

    Last night I had a dream Jeff was moving up to Dallas, and I was so pissed because "how in the hell am I gonna see Mandi now, un? you just tell me!"

    I promise to do my best to save the smack down!


  3. Happy Birthday Erica.

    You two are TOTAL babes.
    Serious envy going on in Utah, just so you know...

  4. It sucks living so far from good friends. I love the hair!

  5. THOSE are some of the best pictures EVER! And IMing....I've done with my friend of twenty years sitting on the sofa THREE feet away from me. And talking about NOTHING, lol!!

    Sorry you're missing the weekend.:(

  6. I have your husband. I have your husband. Hahahahahhaha.

  7. I'm loving the photoshop collage!

    I think it SUCKS that you could even think about just driving over to her house for the weekend. So... is it evil that I'm glad you aren't there? Kidding. I'm one jealous Bith huh? I wish you could have gone. REALLY... I do. Um. why didn't you just go with N8? hmmmmmmmmmmm....?

    Come visit me... come visit me... come visit me... come visit me. (k, i'll stop!)

  8. LOOK. I have a picture!

  9. Y'all are just the cutest gals ever. I love how much fun you are together. Everyone needs a friend like that. Happy birthday, Erika!


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