Friday, March 09, 2007

No Longer the Rag-a-Muffin Tiny Girl

Give a ride to a stranded mom-
get a free haircut for the munchkin.
Not a bad deal, eh?

The mom we stopped to help yesterday happens to be the owner of a darling kids' salon, and she offered to give Tiny a new style. I love it!! A before and after picture is going on their website too! That's my girl!! ; )

*my own little Dora look-alike!


  1. it frightens me a little bit that you gave a STRANGER a ride somewhere...
    Elaborate... or I will be mad at you for picking up strange people on the side of the road!

  2. She looks great!

    (And I think it's nice you gave someone a ride, being stranded sucks.)

  3. You two are super cute! Love the haircut!

  4. Um, Ms. Jae--she had just dropped her 4th grader off at the same school as Bud-dah; she was only a block away from the carpool lane and the crossing guard was trying to help her. I off the hook??
    ; )

  5. You are such a good samaritan. It's so sad Tiny is a little person, last time I saw her she was barely crawling -- I'm such a bad friend. Love the hair cut, and your hair is so cute in the ponytail.

  6. Me: hey that's your old dress!
    Em: hey, that's sweetie!
    Me: nope. who is that?
    Em: um, I don't know.
    Me: that's Tiny!
    Em: Whoa!

    What are you doing cloning your kids woman???!!!!

  7. I am having trouble deciding who is cuter, you in the pigtails or Tiny.

  8. Hm, sometimes it does pay to be nice, lol!

    What a great style and I love the picture of you both.

  9. you are kinda off the hook. But you know me.. Ms. PARANOID... what if it was all just a PLOT to kidnap you and your sweet little child?

    K. I'm done. You look cute.

    Don't EVER pick anyone up... AGAIN... and if you do. I don't want to hear about it. I'm a bundle of nerves!

    ms.jae={say.cheese} I'm sick of changing it to make comments on mandi's blog.

  10. awe, that sucks, MS. JAE--your profile pic isn't on here either. (sigh)

  11. teach me oh blog master how to add a stinkin picture... and I will have one again.

  12. Oh how sweet! I love her hair!


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