Monday, March 05, 2007

Need for an Update, even though I'm not really "Feeling It" today.

Why do babies always wait until their mouth is full of cereal and applesauce before sneezing? I have been sneezed on every feeding. (yes, it sounds like I'm talking about animals, doesn't it?--gee, I wonder why.)

I have been babysitting my friend's rug rats, 2 year old boy and 9 month old girl, since Saturday. It's been fun. The baby LOVES to snuggle and the boy is your typical "scream, run, and destroy" hyped up little man. They crack us up.


I burned myself making cookies yesterday. I know it takes quite a bit of talent to burn your left arm while holding a HOT tray of freshly baked cookies with your right, but search no further. I am up for the Darwin Awards soon, I can feel it.


Buddah has stayed dry for going on THREE days now!! But come to think of it, he has yet to poop. OH MY GOSH! My child hasn't pooped since Saturday. Wow, he must really hate the idea of pooping in a potty (something he hasn't ever done). And when did the toilet become a potty? hmmm?

Tiny on the other hand goes all by herself, flushes, washes, then brings me the treat jar for a piece of candy. Little miss independent is ready to take over the world. Except for one, teensy weensy little problem...she has a gag reflex like no other. I cannot change the babies' diapers around her because her eyes water and she starts gagging; this awful noise coming from her gut scares me into yelling "TINY! go in the other room! I'm already cleaning up crap, I do NOT need to clean up puke as well!" Then I laugh because who says that?!

Speaking of which, I have discovered some funny sounding words. Blockbuster for example. Say it a few times. It's weird. [blok-buhs-ter] Blockbuster. Or how about this word: Penis. That is a very funny sounding word. [pee-nis] Penis. I have to say it over and over to my four year old, and after a while, it sounds VERY WEIRD.


  1. I love the RANDOM post.
    it catches us up (i just wrote FEELS US UP... then changed it, not only because it sounded stupid... but I knew it would put a naughty thought in your mind!)

    Tiny is killing me with her gagging. I can picture it. She is a stinker. Hooray to buddah! Now, for that POOPING thing... try to give him some Karo syrup in his drink. (that's what they had me do with each baby... and they poop like 20 minutes later! Maybe it just works for babies. Who knows? Not me.)

  2. Just want to know how you burnt you arm "there" baking cookies!

    I love random posts too. Sounds like a house full hope you survive.

  3. Ok, I'm sitting at my desk saying these words over and over and over. My kids are looking at me like I need medication and are asking "WHAT are you doing??"

    Wow, the TOP of you arm? The tops of my hands look like I've been in a torture camp for that very reason, but the ARM?? LOL!!

    Yay for your big guy!!

  4. That takes some mad skills to burn yourself there. Although I remember burning my left boob once. Penis is a great husband's favorite. In fact, his very mature friends spelled it out with whipped cream in the back of his truck the day we got married.

  5. I have always thought "Pink" was a freaky word.

    Your poor arm. That must totally be "OW"

  6. Oh Little Miss! I have missed reading your blogs. Are you coming to Tulsa again anytime soon?!

    Since I haven't read your blog in like 3 weeks.....I don't have time to comment on them all. So we will just do the most current.

    Congrats on the potty training.

    Other words that are funny to say that my sister and I joke about often: bacon and curtain! :)


    Next post!


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