Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gotta post while the gettin' is good!

I've been told latey how my blog is all about griping, complaining, venting, bitching, and overall just plain depressing...and people in blogworld must think I'm never happy. This is not true. I feel pretty happy. Really, I do. I like to vent. You know, it's like when you get together with your girlfriends, talk and laugh about the things that bother you, then you can go home and not take those frustrations out on your family?? --Plus I like to have people on my side...you know, my blogworld people. We're all friends here, right?

Anyway--in an effort to prove my happiness, here's some happy news with some happy pictures:

ANOTHER TOOTH! Can you believe it?!

OH- and we are adorable! (Bite me once again)

The park is FUN! No--The Park is TORTURE!

WE ARE ADORABLE and we know it!!

btw Erika, your birthday is over--stop spending money!


  1. Adorable babies! I love the crying in the swing picture. Cool hair...any particular reason for the blue, or did it just feel good that day?

  2. Oh, you're fine. I understand bowing to pressure of critique, though.

    You can't make everyone happy all the time. Besides, I like hearing stories about your anal Home Association Neighbor who needs a life.

    He makes me feel a little less violent towards my sucky neighbor girl. :)

  3. I was told at some point that I needed to portray myself as being happier - by family members. I tried, I failed - I went back to being myself - and that made me happy. TADA!!!

    I love the park fun/torture series. Most excellent.

  4. Such cute pictures.

    Glad that you guys FINALLY made it to the sharks game, what did you do buy them in like October.

    Love ya.

  5. Well, I think you're great and reading about your craziness makes me feel......NOT so ALL alone, lol!

    What beautiful pictures....Yeah, you're right, you are an adorable couple.


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  7. -Sorry, that was me... pushed the wrong button.

    Um. would you please stop your bitchin... KIDDING. Take a look at the past few posts... only a few are post where you whine. We all know that Your blog is where you vent... and your venting... IS HILLARIOUS. In fact, I've been sad that you havn't been posting more. I've needed a few good laughs lately.
    -Ms. Jae

  8. But complaining can be so freeing!

    But, glad to see where your happiness comes from.

  9. Being a Libra and shallow, I believe that all earthly joy is derived from being attractive. So no matter how much you complain, I know deep down you are just fine. Because you and your brood are attractive. And that makes you happy. Oh, that and money.

  10. I ate FORK BIRHTDAY CAKE for Breakfast this morning... and I'll be going to CAFE RIO for lunch.
    Just thought you'd like to know.
    (insert tongue stiking out face... HERE~!)
    and..... HERE.......


  11. Cool blue hair!! And "it's your blog, you can cry/bitch if you want to," right? I'm totally with you on the sharing it with your friends so you don't take it out on your family... : )

  12. WHERE ARE YOU???
    I don't get mad about the griping... but I'd like to hear from you now and then...........

    Missing you!!!

  13. Ditto to what say cheese said.

    Say Cheese your in UT? Nice weather huh!

  14. Its your blog girl, post what you want. Wanna vent gripe complain its all your blog lol

  15. OK. I wasn't gonna say it...

    Kidding. Are you going for the BLOGNOTFORONEMONTH award???

  16. Dang it Bobby! Blog! LOL! I can't not know what is going on in your world. Only I have the option of going forevah without posting. :)

  17. Uh, wait a minute. I thought a blog was for the sole purpose of said bitching/complaining/venting? I mean, dude, I gotta fake "everything is SWELL at MY house" in real life, why do it online?

    In the mean time, I LUFF that swing photo. HAHAHAHAHA.

  18. So are you done blogging? First Erika now you what is this world coming too?

  19. If I threaten to KILL YOU... will you POST AGAIN????

    Cause I'm gonna KILL YOU... If you don't post SOON!

  20. 1 WHOLE MONTH! 1 whole month without posting, we miss your daily rants, we miss knowing what's going on, my hell I miss talking to you on the phone/IM!


Oh come on-- the least you can do is say HELLO!! You didn't come all this way to turn around and walk away, did you? DID YOU??