Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Obedience Training

Tonight started the first of several obedience classes for my dog. I quickly learned that our instructor was training THE HUMANS, as the dogs would just fall into the appropriate behavior given the proper stimulus. So as I stood there, chopped up hot dogs in one hand, a leash in the other...my dog scoping out the boxer's package next to her...I thought, what in the world have I gotten MYSELF into?? Not only have I spent the money to take this course, I have committed to my husband that I would take care of this dog and teach her to "be good." So every day, I go out and scoop the poop because I am a responsible dog owner!!--(that's for all the selfish people in the world who allow their dogs to search and destroy perfectly good grass in front of our house without consideration or responsibility!!) As I was saying, every day, I scoop the poop, I feed and water my dog, I reinforce good behavior, and now I have committed to these damn obedience classes that has given ME more work to do, not my dog! Isn't there some pill I give her? Or some magic spell to put on my dog so that my good work thus far would be rewarded and not require more hard work? No, I guess not. Because if there was...I'd be giving it to my kids!!

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