Thursday, June 23, 2005

Land of the LDS

The munchkins and I are enjoying our vacation in Mormonville. It's nice to be back around "my people", really young families with more than two kids...ahh, yes, this IS the place!

And then I read "Call 1-800" ...and think, ahh, yes, this REALLY IS the place! What culture, what spark, what level of sobriety!

And then I go to the mall, see all the moms with the "flat mormon butt syndrome" know the kind??--had six kids, let myself go, now all I wear is warmup pants and jeans with a drawstring--well, just as I was having those thoughts, I saw my reflection in the window, and realized that I was wearing drawstring denim capris, and it hit me! OMG, I too am suffering from flat mormon butt syndrome! Noooooooooo! unfortunately, yes, this IS the place.

(so I rushed right out and bought myself a new pair of GAP jeans, just to prove that my butt could look better!)


  1. LOL, by the way you can't come to my site and comment: no comment. It's just against all the rules!
    Okay, maybe just my rules, but what else matter?

  2. So I need to have kids to get a flat butt... geez and I've been excersising to try to get my ghetto bootie to look like theirs!

  3. As I understand it, the makers of mini-vans and suburbans have been conspiring to design their driver seats to promote this condition. Upon directives from SLC.

  4. The Gap solves most problems :)

  5. Actually, shopping is what solves most problems! (and I simply must have A LOT of problems!!)


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