Thursday, October 02, 2008

What? You don't like my depressing post??

Tagged. I assume it's because no one wants to read about how I think we're all going to hell in a handbasket...SOOOO here ya go, Sher!

(in no particular order):

1. I have to brush my teeth after I shower. If I work out in the middle of the day and have to shower...I brush my teeth. If I take a quick "sponge bath" (because let's be honest often do I actually GET to shower in the middle of the day??), I brush my teeth. AND it HAS to be with the Original gel CloseUp toothpaste or my teeth still feel like they're surrounded by morning breath.

2. I hate going upstairs at night. Even though I'm 30 years old now...I still feel like someone is chasing me. I'm grateful my stairs are split now I can check behind me after only 4 stairs one direction and 4 stairs the other. (I also hate going DOWNstairs at night...relive the broken toe incident here).

3. I am a nightowl and I HATE mornings. I get my second wind the instant everyone else falls I'm left to entertain myself for hours on end until I finally force myself to go to bed. And by morning I always feel like I have a hangover from the previous my poor children are more than thrilled to leave me and head off to school!

4. I am lazy. I ain't gonna lie. I am selfish and I am lazy. I put off tomorrow (what I know I won't actually do tomorrow) for the simple fact that I don't want to deal with it today. I don't mind that my kids like to watch t.v. while I do something else simply because I WANT TO. My life revolves around...ME. I look at Ms. Sunshine Junie B. Cleaver next door outside playing with her little boy and her little girl fifteenhundred times a day (and walking her spoiled little dog at the ass crack of dawn TWICE around the block) and then only get even more pissed off that I am so incredibly selfish. In fact it frustrates me so much that I grab a Coke Zero and a Hershey bar and tell the kids to "shush so I can read this" and try desperately to block out the butterflies and rainbows that seem to be bursting through my windows from the Cleavers down the street.

5, 6, 7. I can't think of anything else...I'm back in my downward spiral (sorry, Sher!) and there's just nothing else I can add to lighten the mood. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and I'll feel like updating just a bit...we'll see. For now...Barefoot (this should be interesting!), Rocket Girl, Just Me, and Brandelena- consider yourself tagged. (I don't think it's fair to tag more than 4 since I only gave 4 random answers!)

And Jess- you are tagged too (even though the rest of blogworld can't SEE your answers. I CAN.)


  1. You sound like you are having the same week I was having last week.
    I'm glad I finally crawled out of that black abyss (it's amazing how much throwing a tantrum and screaming and crying can release the pressure).
    I hope you crawl out of yours, too, and feel better.
    Just know I've been there, and you're not the only one.
    Love ya!

  2. I just don't think there are 7 facts that everyone doesn't already know. I'm pretty much an open book already. I'm also swamped. I'll try, but honestly I give it about a 10% shot of actually happening.

  3. I've been (or I was) doing the same thing.. staying up so late until I can't function the next day. I've had to nearly stay away from the computer altogether. I'm hoping once Faith starts school I can get some balance in my life - but my insomnia has been out of control, what with me only being able to get online starting at midnight. It just doesn't work.

    That picture above looks way too familiar.

    You definitely need to come down for the State Fair next year. Lord, if we're still here our lives will be completely out of control though..


  4. okay, I did it but I didn't like it.

  5. Close Up saved my life when I was pregnant. That was the only toothpaste that didn't make me sick


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