Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Miss is...

A mom. And now business woman. She's juggling a lot of balls right now.
heehee. i just said balls.

Summer time and sleeping in is now filled with business trips and ballet, chess club and violin, preschool and gymnastics, homework and bath time, checkups and dentist appointments...

And all of these activities have turned her children into little petri dishes!! (or carrier monkeys, you choose) She has been hit with a stomach bug over the weekend, and now she's got the flu! (ok, well maybe it's not "the flu" seeing as how Willy D.O. said it was too early in the season for actual influenza to start hitting) But she feels awful. She feels stoned. She's tired and exhausted but can't sleep. And the world won't stop so she can rest.

bills are due, kids ran out of lunch money
(would have been good to know YESTERDAY),
early release day today (seriously?!), phone calls to make,
birthday party to attend, ballet classes x2,
project for work that can't wait any longer,
and vet appointment for Damn Dog.

one might wonder why it is that a) she's always getting sick and b) that it takes her so long to recover?? then might be stupid.


  1. I LOVE your writing style! And I love your little description on your profile! So true!
    I'm so excited to keep up with you and your fam.
    (This is why I love blogging....even though it can be a debilitating disease that keeps me from being a good mom....sometimes)
    Love, Sher

  2. More details on the new business. Sorry about the sickness! YUCK!

    A gal in my ward refers to sacrament meeting as a petri dish. Which it is. I can't believe the number times I have been sneezed or coughed on.

    And that is by the adults!

  3. BALLS HUH!!!!!! How many balls have you touched lately?!? And what calling are you holding in church?

  4. So funny when you said Balls I thought "she said balls".

    Sorry your feeling so crappy! You do have a lot on your plate. Hope you start feeling better.


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