Tuesday, September 23, 2008


When having the flu just isn't enough.

*brought to you by the makers of Midol, Motrin, Playtex, and some ancient Chinese home remedy (not yet approved by the FDA) and sponsored in part by the national foundation of women who support the use of birth control but forget to take it regularly and end up with horrible, debilitating cramps every 4-6 weeks.


  1. One word. IUD. Ok that's actually three words, but whatever.
    It's the greatest invention EVER.
    No cramps, no periods, no symptoms. No babies.
    It's perfect!

  2. I'm LMAO at the picture. But I totally feel for you on the cramps. I am not looking forward to that at all. Is it bad I want to keep pumping just so I don't have a period?


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