Thursday, December 14, 2006

What to Call it?

While my sister in-law was here for the week, she noticed some rather interesting things about my munchkins...things they do or say when I'm not around.

Here's what topped the list:

(besides Tiny's new fascination with "boops"--not to be confused with the "boops" that were formerly known as "boots"--we are now talking about real boobs, and she cleverly points out who has boobs and who does not, often in public,

Anyway, while Tiny and Sweetie were in the bathtub, my sister in-law came downstairs to ask what our "policy was on um, nudity...body parts, you know? Va-jayjays?"

( b l a n k s t a r e )

She said they were splashing water onto each other's "front bums". Yes. That's right. Apparently they're naynays are called front bums, although they do realize Budd-uh has a penis. Later I discussed "modesty" with Sweetie (the five year old) and was talking about her vagina when she asked, "what's a vagina?"

(again with the blank stare)

Can someone please quote Kindergarten Cop here?--because that's all that keeps running through my head! That and the fact that I can never teach anyone about the birds and the bees because I can't even teach my own daughter that she has a vah-china!

So, I guess that's it.
Girls have a front bum and boys have a penis.


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    For a while my daughter called penises "hens." For once, I kept my thoughts to myself, because I'm thinking, "don't you mean "cock"?"

  2. Well, try explaining to a little one that the little brown honey roasted things that come in the can are called "pea-NUTS".

  3. CALL IT A VAGINA! That's what it's called!

    *FYI... i too called it a FRONT BUM! When I was a little girl! But, now... married to the big DR. and we call it, what it's called!
    A VAGINA! (It's not a scary word!!!)

  4. When my daughter (who only had older brothers) was three, she was also convinced she had two bums. No amount of arguing would dissuade her otherwise, but I tried--I really, really tried. Wishing you luck. :)

  5. I did the whole "Vagina" thing with my boys.

    I kinda regretted it when James screamed out "MY MOM HAS A VAGINA" in line a WalMart, though...

  6. I spit on my computer with the "front bum". Goodness, they are observant little farts.

  7. Anonymous10:49 PM

    lol @ Vah-china! Too funny! So glad I never went through this stage.

    Did Ms.Jae, just scream out Vagina? LOL

  8. I'm with Ms. Jae, we gots us some viginas over here.

    But it was really excellent when Em asked Jeff if they were eating, "um, you know, what you have?" in reponse to learning that they were called peanuts. Most assuredly peanuts, not penises.

  9. HAHAHAH. I luff it. Sadly, I call mine a HAYHAY, but that's only the grown up girl version.

  10. In the movie they just said "girls have a vagina and boys have a penis" or the reverse.

    I think we just call Faith's the ever mature "tee tee" and we don't really have a need to address the other. But in our house we were always anatomically correct - much to my HORROR.

  11. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Wow! Seems like Tiny and I share a fascination.

    I guess that's not so good for either of us, is it?

  12. Let's agree to call it a VAGINA... and move on.......


  13. Just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy holiday.

    Take good care and be safe!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Merry Christmas!

  16. IS YO MAMA THERE????

    I'm so happy...... PICTURES! NOW!!! I know it's Christmas eve tonight... even though it's really CHRISTMAS... you are lucky that you kiddos are still young enough not to know the TRUTH!

    PICTURES... Happy Christmas eve... and Merry Christmas to the rest of us.

  17. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Hope you had a great Christmas! Where are you? Did you mom make it okay?

    Miss you.

  18. Anonymous8:37 PM

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