Sunday, December 31, 2006

This Guy Needs a Hobby--

Little Miss,
(blah blah blah)...our bylaws are intended to protect the safety of the community, as well as the appearance of the community. In the meantime, you need to arrange to park 1 vehicle in the garage.

We expect all members of the community to cooperate, willingly
- please be advised that you have received proper notification - and, you are expected to comply
- thank you, in advance, for your cooperation -
Mr. Retired, President

* I would like to take this opportunity to raise my middle finger and say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (as we are not planning to "arrange" a single thing!)


  1. Seriously, unless an arrest is on the line here, he needs a life. Damn neighbors. I'd go rent cars to park there just to annoy him.

  2. So sad that this is his whole life.

  3. um. F. Him...

    and I'm very glad you are back in BLOGLAND... but, will you PLEASE! Blog about your mother, your Christmas, your NEW YEAR! Since you won't return my phone calls. I'm thinking... that your BLOG. Is my only contact with you.

    Get on the ball LIL' MISS!

  4. Apparently 'tis the season for assholes, huh?

  5. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Yup the middle finger will do in this instance.

    Where exactly does this guy expect your guest to park? I say have them start parking at his house then send him nasty letters regarding the uglyness of his house. Damn the Man!

    And what's the consiquence if you don't do as his letter says?

  6. I actually wish I had an HOA. Then maybe the neighbors next door would start doing something about the damn parking lot they have! I can totally understand around the holidays a few extra cars here and there. But the next door neighbors ALWAYS have about three cars parked out front. And, USUALLY, this wouldn't make me so mad. But, when I come home and I actually have to go out and around the back end of one of their cars to pull into my own driveway, because said car is actually blocking about six inches of MY DRIVEWAY, that is where you start to piss me off.

    Until this man has had to put up with this, he will get NO MERCY from me!

  7. Good grief - go rent a tank and park it in the street.

    Happy New Year, my friend!!!

  8. you ought to arrange a boot up his ass. whoops... did i say that out loud? there goes my new year's resolution for not intimidating the elderly.

  9. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I didn't even know you were back.. I just got done reading both entries and you had me in tears. What a way to start my morning. I for one am so glad I don't have to deal with association kind of crap. I think they pull rules out of their ass out of boredom. Good luck with the neighbor, and thanks so much for the laugh. Happy New Year!

  10. This guy obviously starches his underware.

  11. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Have I ever told you about my sister neighbors? They cemented their ENTIRE front yard so they can fit all their cars on their property so they don't have to park on the street. Yeah now that's going to be easy to resale their house.


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