Friday, December 29, 2006

This one's called...Stick It To The Man!

Ok, so I know I have no right to come back to my blog after being MIA for a couple of weeks, but I simply have not had ANY time to myself. I don't even have time to IM my best friends! (THAT'S bad!) In fact, I'm sure you cyberspace friends are all I got left...sigh. Between my brother in-law, my sister in-law, my husband's parents...OH AND MY MOM (more about that later), I haven't had the computer to myself for longer than two minutes at a time!

Anyway, I have a ton to blog about, but why do that when I can complain?! I am soooo pissed off at the President of our homeowner's association (who also happens to be my 80 year old next door neighbor)...That I simply MUST share the e-mail exchange, and add more should he dare to reply.

Mr. Retired wrote:
Little Miss – need to call your attention to Association’s interpretation for street parking – namely, homeowners have been requested to avoid parking on the street, especially overnight and for protracted periods of time – members are requested to park at least 1 car in the garage – to avoid a poor appearance for the neighborhood if, too many cars are parked in the driveway and/or, outside the garage – please consider this notification and, correct situation at your convenience – thank you, Mr. Retired, President.

Little Miss wrote:
Hi Mr. Retired, We have no room in our garage, hence my sister in-law will continue to park on the street until she leaves on Monday. Also, I do not feel it is "poor appearance" during the holidays when several families are getting together to celebrate Christmas. My Aunt and her family will be here tomorrow through Sunday as well, so there will be an additional car at my residence. Just giving you a heads up.
Thanks for the notice.Sincerely,Little Miss

*now, the rest of you know what a bitch I can turn into with the flip of a switch, so if he finds his decrepit balls and decides to come after'll be all over (minus the soft hum of his oxygen machine running in the background).


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    We were just talking about an old car my brother had when he was dating his future wife: it was dark brown with one white fender. He wasn't allowed to park it in the driveway at her dad's house. One night they went out and he came back to find it had been rear-ended into a telephone pole and totalled. Not sure if his father-in-law has retired out of state, but you might want to check Mr. Retired's previous state of residence before this gets really ugly.

  2. Bad appearance? Watch National Lampoon's Chrismas Vacation with Cousin Eddie pumping the sewer in the street and that's bad appearance.

    As for MIA? Me too, Little Miss, me too.

  3. UG. I hate anal homeowners associations. HATE THEM. I refuse to live in one. They DO have some good points but I would be crazy and miserable with Big Brother watching me all the time. Shudder.

  4. I hate my HOA too. There are people who park in front of their garages (a big no-no since we really do not have driveways, more like a brick strip and then the curb and the street) all night all the time and get nothing. We park our car there for AN HOUR to unload a bunch of stuff we were transporting and get a ticket. I HATE THEM!!!

  5. Anonymous12:05 AM

    Seriously, did he not check his calendar to see what week it is! I mean your more then allowed to have family, but I'm sorry they need to park at Target... grrr. I hate HOA asses. I'm glad I don't live in one -- that's for sure.

  6. No worries, I've been outta the country so I've missed out on reading blogs so I haven't missed you TOO too terribly much. I even went 8 days without blogging while we were in the states.. I know, I need help. Anywho, we're thinking of moving back to your neck of the woods and I need to know where your neighborhood is so I can move into it and leave cars ALL over my yard. Because it's the south and it's what you're supposed to do!!

  7. You know what else is bad appearance, the body of an 80 y/o man who had nothing good to do with his time after he was choked to death by a neighbor.


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