Sunday, July 02, 2006

little ant, BIG WORLD

I was in a big city airport the other day, crashed on the floor because our flight kept getting delayed, and I thought I'd pass out from shear exhaustion of our week-long househunt expedition...when I noticed an ant walking across the carpet. I couldn't help but think how in the hell does a tiny ant end up in a place like this? We are on the FOURTH floor of a major CITY airport, and here is this tiny little ant--determined to get wherever it's going. I wanted to smash it, put it out of it's endless misery...but I simply couldn't do it. I actually found myself amazed at this little creature; even making up some children's story about how it escaped the weeds to find food in the airport for it's dying aunt and baby cousins...who was I to get in the way of a major rescue mission?! Rock on little ant. The people are behind you 100%.


  1. Tink would have freaked out to see an ant indoors...but it does make you wonder - how does it get to the fourth floor, and why an airport? I mean there are so many people walking around - it' bound to get stepped on...

    ~Fantastagirl - who got to much sun, and one to many Strawberry strippers....

  2. Maybe it was waiting for a delayed flight, too.

    Hubby has an absolute phobia about ants--not that he's exactly screechingly afraid of them or anything, but they really creep him out--because they're so organized and determined and very, very strong for their size. He's pretty sure they could take over the world if they just put their teeny, tiny minds to it.

  3. I'm thinking you had time to sit and think to yourself FOR ONCE in your life... AND THIS... IS WHAT YOU CAME UP WITH!

    I think you are better off going CRAZY running around all the time with NO TIME to yourself!

    (FYI... I bet someone SMASHED the ant... and didn't even know it. Just walked right over the top of it!) SQQQQQUIIIIISH!

  4. I was having a serious problem with ants Saturday. I was at the parade and spilt my Mt. Dew and not even 5 minutes later the area was swarming with aunts. Later that afternoon I did the same thing and again with the ants. I swear they can fly, how the hell can they get there so fast.

    Too funny about the lone ant at the airport. Hopefully he saved his dying Aunt and baby cousin.

  5. How funny! And, the story, I LOVE it. Maybe it could be "Arnie Ant's Big City Rescue"

    Oh, and please send the munchies. We'd love to have them. lol!

  6. LOL! You are cool!


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