Monday, July 10, 2006

hey einstein! patent this!

shout out to mrs. flinger

I daydream all sorts of horrific things in the hope that bad things always happen "so unexpectedly" that I never would have imagined such a tragedy--but ah ha! i've discovered a way to foil fate! because guess what?! I expected it! therefore, it won't happen. It can't happen! I should really patent and sell this stuff. fate in a bottle! name your price (i'm desperate).

idea Copyright 2006

House Update:
Selling a house sucks. Buying a house sucks even more. Try doing both in less than eight weeks and moving out of state. It will be a miracle if we get through this shit.


  1. I'm sorry that this is sucking from both sides! Damn those people and damn the realtors!!!

  2. Damn the all to HELL!

  3. Oh, jeezus. Moving is by far the most horrific thing evah. I do like the idea, though. I'll trick fate into thinking I won't find a place to live! HA! Take that mofo fate!

    And, btw: nobody on my blog knows this because some :; ahem :: people at work read but we're moving out of state soon, too. And a house? forgehtaboutit! a place to live? HAHAHA!

    We're packing up our cardboard box. Like I said. It's horrific.

    (And thanks for the shoutout, luv)

  4. Here is hoping all goes smoother for you!!

  5. Oh, the buying and selling! It ALL blows. Good luck and hang on to your sanity. :):)


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