Thursday, June 15, 2006

Road Trip... Again

Well Little Miss is on the road yet again, so I'm hijacking her blog to let you know whats going on.

It's been over a week since Little Miss has posted. She made it back safe from her trip to Oklahoma that turned into Iowa. Since being home she's had to deal with trying to figure out how to move her family of 5 +1 dog to another state by August.

Yesterday her house was put on the market and today she has had three realtors call to say they want to show the house. Well she can't be there if they are showing the house so she decided to pack the kids back into the car and head out of state to find another house. This trip will only be about an 8 hour drive instead of the 11 hour drive to Oklahoma or the 15 hour drive home from Iowa. I wish I could meet her to help look for a house or at least help her take care of the kids but with plane fare so high it's not going to happen this week.

Good luck to Little Miss. We hope you find a perfect house in a perfect area.


  1. Good luck Little Miss - I am sure you will find a perfect house to make into your home.

  2. Ya'll need to teach me how to hi-jack this site... I could post some AWESOME pictures that she prob. doesn't want you to see.

    Good luck to Ms. Little Miss. (Um... who's hose is your dog chewing up while you are gone??)

  3. Moving blows. ICK.


    P.S. are we allowed to know what state she's moving to?

  4. What a stressful few weeks. Good luck with house-hunting and house-selling.

  5. Good luck with finding a new house! It'll all work out, I'm sure of it!

    I've been away for a while, so I just saw that you were in Iowa! Very cool. What parts?

    Also, I guess I missed it, what state are you moving to?

  6. Good grief - Little Miss is DA MAN!!! I don't know how she does it.. I really don't. Just going back and forth between OKC and Dallas all those times nearly made me lose my mind.

    I bow down to her car trip superiority.

  7. Good luck with the house hunting, Lil Miss! I can't imagine doing all that, let alone moving to another state. Hang in there!

  8. thanks for the encouragement. insanity sucks, but i can use it to my advantage...LOL

    Lars, I was near the University of Iowa..."home" ; )

    oh shit, ms. jae, you just reminded me...the cable guy had to put down a new line and hasn't buried it yet...hope i don't have an electrocuted (sp?) damn dog when i get back!!


Oh come on-- the least you can do is say HELLO!! You didn't come all this way to turn around and walk away, did you? DID YOU??