Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back Home to a Mess

Well, before I can write my Iowa post...I need the pictures MS. JAE! You know I can't post without pictures...it simply wouldn't be right. Let me just say to blogworld that I crossed 10 state lines in 10 days! UNREAL. I must have been psychotic (or homesick), but either way...it all seemed like a dream. Highlights at a glance: late night scrappin, carseat ordeal, playin' at the lake, ped mall, old friends, new baby and big sister, eating out, birthday cake (fork cake), and pictures--lots and LOTS of PICTURES!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE I WAS JUST IN IOWA YESTERDAY MORNING??!! I haven't been back since we left three years ago. AND IT FELT GOOD. I have quite a few stories to tell, but that will have to wait until I can get my hands on the pictures we downloaded onto Ms. Jae's computer so I could clear my memory card. (yes, cleared three times to be exact!! we're BOTH picture whores!)

Now what I really wanted to Blog (insert BITCH) about today:

Do not call up my best friend for no apparent reason and tell her we are moving out of state in August. Think instead that perhaps I WANTED TO BE THE ONE TO TELL HER IN PERSON. Just because you're the town busy body and HAVE to be in everybody's business does not mean that I want you in MINE! Think to yourself, "gee, if you don't know yet...and you're the person she talks to every day, the person who would know everything before anybody else, ESPECIALLY ME, then perhaps, just PERHAPS I should keep my big fat mouth shut!"

...or next time I'll just shove my fist down your throat and my foot up your ass!!!!!!!


  1. I was just about to call to find out if you got home! Glad you made it safe and you were able to hang with Ms. Jae, can't wait to see pictures!

    And can I take one guess who the gossip whore is? I'm sorry she "beat you to the punch".

  2. Glad you made it back all in one piece - you were one busy, busy lady! Can't wait to see pics!

    We were in your old stomping grounds last weekend - ate at Jimmy Jacks Rib Shack. mmmm Sprecher's rootbeer...the sandwhich was good too!

    Sorry about the gossip whore - just think Karma...she'll get hers.

  3. yeah!!! back safe and sound!!

  4. Pictures are on a disk... and in the mailbox. BUT, I will email you some if you need them ASAP!

    OH... I hate GOSSIPERS....

    Scrapped by myself last night... wasn't the same.

    YUCK Fantastagirl. Jimmy Jacks Rib Shack.. YUCK! (everyone loves it, I just don't like that kind of food. YUCK!)

    FYI... Tell Kashka "THANKS for the PRESENTS in the backyard!" It is a good thing we are friends... or we wouldn't be friends anymore~!

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Glad you made it back with what seems like your sanity, lol!

    Yeah, busy bodies.....SUCK!

  6. Glad you made it home--and if you need any help with the busybody, let us know--we can stage an old-fashioned beatdown. (I'm not at all sure what that is, but it sure sounds good, don't it?)

  7. in order for me to take care of the gossip queen for you, i need a name. i'm not psychic you know.

    well, actually i am... but since you've been gone for so long, i've lost the vibe.

  8. Welcome back!!

  9. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Well, you sure told them!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gonzali inc... MOVING TOO!

    I guess everyone wants to leave LA?????? Isn't that a bit odd that you both moved down about the same time and you're both leaving? (Sorry bloggers, you have no idea what i'm commenting about. I'm too lazy to email her and just wanted her to know some NEWS!)

    Um..... Blog again already!

  11. I hate that you are moving just as I am planning a visit to Baton Rouge to visit my brother (the previously mentioned voice of Scoobey).....sigh.

  12. Oh LORD.. I don't have a guess, but that just sucks.

    I'm glad you made it home in one piece so you can tear ass in the right state of mind.

    Hugs, girlfriend.

  13. OK - So somebody ruined your surprise. That's nothing compared to someone stealing your birthday thunder by coming over to your house and telling you they are getting married. AHEM - MS. JAE! (I am TOTALLY kidding!)

    Details... I need more details!

  14. and last year I stole your birthday thunder by telling you I was pregnant....

    Hmmmm... Tickersa's birthday is coming up soon.(23rd) HOW... OH. HOW... can I spoil her birthday this year???????????????

  15. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Where oh where have you gone??

  16. Well...Glad your back....

    Please post something funny.

    Or you could post an apology to Lady Luck and Holli for the saddness we were made to feel by not getting to meet you. Just Kidding.

    ...still waiting on pics for your updated blog. What do you think you can do ~ be gone forever and then come home and clean and do chores?? No! Blog Woman! Blog!! Hee Hee


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