Monday, April 10, 2006

Let's Have A Talk...

Ok, it's naptime. My children are not sleeping. Now, anyone who knows me KNOWS that I am the naptime nazi (fairly dubbed by BFB). The tv is turned way down, the lights are switched off, the ringers are set to silent, and signs are put on my doors (shhh, babies sleeping, please do not ring the bell). We take naps EVERY DAY. The four year old, the three year old, the 22 month old, and even the dog. Our activities revolve around naptime. We can play from morning until noon, or we can play after 4:30 or 5 p.m. Anything in between is OUT OF THE QUESTION, so don't even ask! shuts down during naptime, and we do this EVERY DAY!

(are you getting the picture yet?? I am indeed the naptime nazi!)

Anyway, a representative from our electric company came by to uninstall some insurance crap that we've been paying for every month for nearly two years, and it's something that we don't even need! Our warranty covers all internal wiring in the house. I do not need to be paying twice for this crap. So one year after making the phone call (no, I am NOT kidding), the dude finally shows up.

"Ok, remove the damn thing, PLEASE. But do not ring the bell because my kids are sleeping."
yes, ma'am.

ten or fifteen minutes later, the power goes out. my computer...caput! I marched outside and said, "that would have been REALLY good to know!" sorry, ma'am. "um, yeah, that REALLY sucked! I had my computer on!!"

"is it going to do that again?" no, ma'am.

the power comes back on, and every beeping thing in the house goes off. the alarms, the clocks, the radio, and the phone. mother ****!!

"ok, kids, get back in bed! I know you were already asleep, but naptime is NOT over."
kids are settled, my computer is STILL not booting up properly, and

about ten or fifteen minutes later, I see him again and assume he's finally done and leaving us alone. Suddenly, DING DONG!!! (oh, I KNOW he did NOT just ring the door bell!!)

"Are you kidding me??!!"
um, is your computer working yet, ma'am?

"no! it's not! but my children are now awake now for the third time. and trust me, if my computer does not boot up soon, [electric company] will find out about it!!"

*why do people have to be such complete dumbasses?? This is one of the posts where I would have used my "f" allowances for the month, but I already spent them IM'ing my friend. So just enter them about six times in this post and you MIGHT catch a glimpse of just how pissed off I really am!!!


  1. I am SO with you!!!!

  2. So I really have no idea how you feel on this subject but the thought of that guy makes me want to rip his eyes out! I was just annoyed to be interuppted with our conversation!!! Jerkface! And it's probably a good think you used your "F" allowance with me, it's probably better not to have that so perminent.

  3. I was about to (and I might) buy the domain name. Because DAMNIT. I HAVE NAPQUEST!! (a place for people to vent and use f words when their kids don't sleep.)

    Yes. I will.

  4. Ohhhh, naptime sounds so wonderful. Why are people so stupid? Why do they have to ruin other people's naps and moments of lovely silence? We live in a world full of idiots, morons and complete nincompoops (sp?). I'm sorry you had to put up with one of the worst of them.

  5. Maybe I'm just not feeling very sympathetic in general today, but...
    You've got your kids trained for a 5 hour naptime on a daily basis and you are bitching about them being disturbed one day, even though you were able to get them back to bed. Gee, that sucks.

    Nothing personal, just not much sympathy today. Maybe I need the nap.

  6. hey need your help with my blog

  7. I so understand where you are coming from. Our "new" house is so small I can barely go to the bathroom w/o waking Little Man during nap time. So, if I am expecting something be delivered I watch for it.....I can risk the doorbell being rung and the dogs barking!

    What a moron. I think regardless you should give that company a piece of your mind!

  8. I don't know what I would have done without naptime. Seriously.
    I am feeling with you.

  9. That guy: too little, too late, and too loud. He was lucky to get out alive. :)

  10. UTAH=no NAPS! I am about ready to SCREAM! Grandparents don't think she needs a nap either but the WEE ONE. He sleeps ANYWHERE. Going CRAZY without naptime.

    I've decided that DOORBELLS are EVIL!

  11. Nap? What's a nap?!

  12. Can I come live with you so I can be reqired to take a nap?

  13. People you just don't understand. Hitler would be PROUD of this woman. She is SERIOUS about her naps. Bless her hear.


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