Monday, April 28, 2008

Kicked my TRASH

The perk of joining a gym? You get a personal trainer for a month. The drawback of joining a gym? You get a personal trainer for a month! And if you are 4 minutes late for your first appointment he'll say, "little miss, you're gonna get your trash kicked"!

and guess what? It was garbage day.


On the plane ride home (more on that another time) I contemplated my life. Mainly accountability...over the past 6 months I have employed others to keep me accountable for my own responsibilities. Seriously.
  • house cleaner: every other week (keeps me on track w/ putting things away, doing laundry, and picking up after the kids and myselft)
  • organizer: every other week (keeps me on track w/ eliminating clutter, keeping my house in order and tidy)
  • trainer: to kick my ass and tone my muscles
  • exercising: membership at The Gym so I can be active and healthy

So let me get this straight:

In order to have a home that is clean and organized and a body that is tone and healthy I have to PAY.OTHER.PEOPLE?? Somehow my accountability in this life is seriously codependent!

*and yet I can't do it on my own- I'll always need a mentor (or a muse)!


  1. I think everyone could use these! I know I could definitly need the help with the house, organizing and getting my arse to the gym!

  2. WOW! Did I write this post?? I was just thinking yesterday that I need to have some organize me!

    And personal trainer..... been there done actually! HA!

  3. I will be your organizer for your house and you can be my cleaner k:)) The personal trainer?!? Ummm....

  4. Hmmmm...this is the best post! Yep, that's just how life is. Sometimes motivation comes from paying other people to motivate you. I should know I've had a trainer for like 2 years. Sort of sad...I know.

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

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  6. oh WOW. Mr. Bernard nutshell.

    you would be the LAST one to know about my "THING".
    ; )


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