Saturday, April 12, 2008

Is Crop Dusting Illegal??

Our world has been colored GREEN. (neon green, you might call it yellow--but it looks GREEN to me!) It's dust. And it's everywhere.

Apparently it's POLLEN season, which generally lasts an entire month around here! Allergies are painful and Zyrtec, Claritin, and all other OTC and prescription drugs are flying off the shelves, which means I have to go to three different drug stores to find the ones right for my son! And then pay $85.

We can't play outside, we can't open the windows, we can't keep things clean, we can't afford any more prescriptions, and we can't breath!!


  1. Ohh Shitty! Not good...I miss you girl and wish we were in driving distance to eachother. Which means, I wish we lived atleast 10hrs apart. Love you!

  2. yuck! I hate pollen season. I'm not looking forward to this year especially since I'm very limited on what I can and can't take.

  3. I have to carry wet wipes around with me just to wipe down slipes before Solei can use them. I feel like I look uber anal, but good golly, I don't want her enire backside to be neon yellow!!

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  5. Dang! I hope it clears out soon so you can all get back to normal lives. That is insane.


    Just looking at those pictures makes my eyes water and my nose run. Not to mention the nightmare of what life would be like if Trav lived there. Just the slightest sniffle, (from allergies or cold), and you find us in the emergency room with a full blown asthma attack!

    Here's hoping mother nature comes to visit with some rain to wash all that crap away.

    Because I'm telling you, I've had enough of that BITCH messin' with the weather here! (60-70 degrees clear skies and sunny one day, 30-40 degrees and snow the next day!)


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